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    Official Ben Barba

    Well here we go again, what's ever ones thoughts of Ben coming to the Sharks as a 5/8 Will he stay away from the EBG.
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    Sad to say but that ain't much of a choice . For a competitive first grade team, we got real bad centers
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    It was great to see fifita having a laugh at the end of the game with the manly winger. Do we really want this bloke with a gut. He has lost the plot and will be very hard to be a good player again.
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    I wished we had a LIKE button
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    Group 16

    Shoulda we aline our selfs with group 16 They have no NRL club affiliation And it would increase our player market.
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    He who laughs last laughs loudest, To all those smart ass answers Buy today's telegraph.
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    Answers : from the turn coats
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    It wasn't Craig Airey, so what if it was , some people are like the greens, turning on their owe country and people. We are one club , stop turning on the board, stop turning on our players. stop turning on our supporters, We are one. A tip the invester answers to the name of Paul
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    I want see him with no sleves and tight shorts
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    Shame to see he is talking to rugby officials
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    Footy tipping

    Do we have a Footy tipping comp this year ?
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    Story Time

    Well on Friday i was at a Men of League function it was held at Saint George leagues club, After the function i was ask if i would like to have a beer in their Board Room. i Declined the offer at first, but a whisper said its free beer and take it off them. so their i was sitting in the Devils...
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    Strange and different things Black, White and Blue

    My Flash New Bike i got for Xmas,
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    Xmas Carrols

    Are the Sharks having Xmas Carrolls on the field this year ?