Cronulla Sharks Board + Management


Grey Nurse
Sep 7, 2005
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Hi Ricky.

I see you are already experiencing the negative side of internet forums, judging by the change in attitudes towards your posts on the League Unlimited forum over the past week.

This is a much fairer forum, but be aware that there are many people who will use this site, but NOT the LU site. I am one of those people, I have logged on to follow the election debate, but once it's over I will rarely visit it again.

I'd suggest re-posting anything important here, rather than simply directing people to 'go and have a look' at that other site.

Good luck with the cyber-bully keyboard heroes in the LU will certainly need it.


One of a kind
Sep 7, 2005
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Welcome to Emu Plains, please be sure to visit our
get rid of brett crowley the arrogant jerk, the comment below is a joke, and the attitude to why we are in the face of oblivion

Crowley yesterday dismissed the threat posed by the independents running for the board.

"If they get on they're going to be three out of nine," Crowley said. "All it can do is create a bit of turmoil. It's not going to change what's happening. If those guys get on the board, so what? It's the same directors. It's still six verse three."


Bull Shark
Jun 26, 2006
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tha shire

Well at a time like this, most clubs would stand up to their board and over throw them, look at parramatta, where is all our x players, why arnt they standing up. where is our supporters, we should be protesting,
our club was trading insolvent, and they when and spent 2.4 million on contract for new players, thats a criminal charge,
why are we all so weak and lame,
has the wind been taken out of our sails
from the riots, are we all scared we mite get arrested,
we should all vote for a new board,
lets show the NRL world how we stand.


Mako Shark
May 15, 2009
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Barry Pierce and his Cronies Should Resign

How long do we have to wait...before we all realize that the sh?t starts and stops at the top... 40 something years we've waiting for a title and with our current and probable future board we will still be waiting another 40 years. I for the life of me cannot understand how these idiots keep getting voted in. If this was a public company they would have been sacked years ago. Performance based continuity of employment. Heard of it...Barry Pierce? You should do the right thing by the club and the thousands of devoted Sharkies fans and resign.


Oct 12, 2008
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ive only been a sharks supporter for 18 months so forgive me when I ask, who is barry pierce?


Sig Pic Geek
Sep 17, 2006
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ive only been a sharks supporter for 18 months so forgive me when I ask, who is barry pierce?

Wow he's serious, poor kid:p, he's the current club chairman.
Well if you're not happy with Barry and his "cronies" i suggest you go vote them out and get the new candidates in.


Nov 10, 2007
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Why the Sharks board must resign

I actually think nothing will save Barry Pierce and the board as these scandals get worse by the day. The club is in dissaray and they need to be accountable.

The Daily Tele is blogging on this topic at 1pm today.

Phil Rothfield
Thursday, May 21, 2009

CRONULLA Sharks board members should do the right thing by their long-suffering supporters and sponsors today and hand in their resignations.
Reni Maitua’s positive drug sample for a banned substance is the latest in a long litany of disasters that has crippled the club and brought it to its knees.

This latest drama is an absolute indictment of the board’s decision to sign one of the most troubled players in the NRL with a long track record of disgracing himself. Fans and sponsors have had enough. I should know because I’m a member and season ticket-holder. And I am very tempted to march into the club this morning to hand in my card.

Where do we start? The Greg Bird glassing of his girlfriend Katie Milligan? Ben Pomeroy on assault charges from a concert last year? The current board driving the club to the brink of financial ruin? The half-baked plan to shift games to the Central Coast that was dismissed within 24 hours by the NRL?

Brett Seymour in a blithering state wandering down Cronulla mall?

That’s without even bringing up the Christchurch sex scandal and allegations that current board members covered up the sordid affair.

Cronulla is a club in need of a massive overhaul. The Sharks have lost $150,000 worth of sponsors, and others, including major sponsor LG and PKF, were seriously considering their options even before the Maitua revelations.

The marketing department is basically non-existent, leaving it up to well-meaning fans to promote Saturday evening’s huge local derby against St George Illawarra by conducting their

own letter box drop-offs. No wonder they are doing that - crowds are down by 30 per cent this year and showing no sign of improving.

Player recruitment at the Sharks has been an absolute shambles.

Wonderful role models like Brett Kimmorley and Isaac De Gois were sent packing at the end of last season only to produce brilliant football at the Bulldogs and the Knights.

And what did Sharks fans get in return? Old Corey Hughes, party boy Maitua, Trent Barrett, who has hardly set the place alight, and Anthony Tupou. We haven’t even mentioned the deplorable performance of the Sharks on the field this year, languishing on the bottom of the ladder and favourites for the wooden spoon.

At every football club the buck stops with the board.

It certainly did in Parramatta’s case - just ask Denis Fitzgerald.

It’s timely for members that the election is on this weekend. Fresh new faces are standing against some tired old figures who have run a once proud NRL club into the ground.

They should spare members the trouble and stand down now. It is Cronulla’s only hope of survival.


Great White
May 6, 2009
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**** Phil Rothfield, he's a god bothering piece of **** with a ****ed up face like freddy Krueger

slide rule

Mar 24, 2009
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General Admission
I don’t know how this guy can call himself a 'supporter' but he is right, the board must go.

I do think one thing is unfair though- You really can’t blame them for the Greg Bird incident. What else could the board could have possibly done in that incident? I mean they don’t baby sit the guy. It happened in his apartment at night time. These types of incidents are the responsibility of individuals, not of their employer. I would say that for any other club as well.

My major gripe with the board is the way that the club has been managed over the last 5- 10 years. No promotion and no attempt to make the match day experience a positive one. This is the reason why they should go, not because of the behaviour of a couple of individuals.

My question is, is there anyone to replace them with? we have Ricky the B2B guy and his mate, but are there any more candidates?

From my understanding (this may be wrong) only half of the board is up for election this week.

So we are still going to end up with a have a heap of mushrooms sitting there no matter what.


Grey Nurse
Aug 7, 2006
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Maroubra NSW
Should the Board stand down?

It's time we voiced our opinion on this topic without fence sitting.

I know some people have expressed their opinion but the spate of consistent and continual problems calls for serious consideration of this topic.

Ill fire the first bullet. They should stand down!!

I look at what Todd Greenberg and an overhauled Bulldogs board has done and I believe the current board should stand down. We are bleeding sponsors and many of the board members have had too long a time on the Board.

Time for new and fresh ideas. An injection of passion and to allow our sponsors some faith that we are dealing with the change of culture at the club.

What do you think?