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    2012 Membership QUESTIONS

    This might also be worth me posting from the Sharks Facebook...
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    Football (Soccer) In The Shire. Who else is keen?

    Hi peeps, Really looking to get involved with the local soccer league in the Shire. I played about five years ago for the Kellyville Colts and would really like to get involved again. At the moment I am tossing up between the Cronulla Seagulls and the Cronulla Stingrays. Does anyone have any...
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    2012 Membership Survey and Feedback

    Hi all, As we approach Christmas, we would like to take feedback on your feelings towards the 2012 Membership Program to date. We have received a very positive response to the Program thus far. The key figures we have looked to improve on are returning favorable results to the Club. The general...
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    Official Player Appearances

    Just a friendly heads up for those that live in the Shire that today is your first chance to get up close and personal with our new recruits and any other player you have yet to meet with the boys spreading themselves out this morning at McDonalds restaurants all around the Shire. This is the...
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    2012 Membership - Desire

    The journey begins today! Woot woot! :D Expect the Official Sharks Website to be very Membership orientated over the next few days. :cheers (PS: The Spirit Of The Shire IS NOT the motto of next year's campaign)
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    Who the hell leaks this stuff!?
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    I'd like to know who did the math on his First Grade game count :ridiculed
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    Saturday Afternoon vs. Monday Night Football

    Which time slot would you prefer to have and why? Try to think beyond "convenience" for this. I'm interested to hear what people think.
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    Members & Fans Day... locked in. Sunday 24th July at Toyota Stadium. The day will kick off at 10AM for Members Only before being opened to the public at 11AM. All the boys will be in attendance and the Club will be selling special 3 Game Passes to the last three home games of the season vs. Titans, Bulldogs &...
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    Where's Snowman?

    One of our most notorious posters got a himself on Fox Sports coverage of yesterdays game during the Crowd Attendance announcement. Just like Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo for you Americans out there) see if you can cast your eye across the canvas and find snowman! The man, the legend...
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    Rival Teams Jerseys In Sharks Colours

    Back story: I found myself watching the Broncos vs. Dragons game this evening and thought to myself that I really liked the Broncos uniforms and wondered what they'd look like in Sharks colours. I ended up doing a quick (and I mean VERY quick) sketch of what it would look like on the old...
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    The 2011 NCAA March Madness Tournament

    As much as I love the NBA, the NBA Playoffs don't hold a candle to the NCAA's March Madness. Who is everyone backing? Obviously as a BYU graduate myself, I will be crossing my fingers that the Cougars go deep. I also hope North Carolina go deep as well. Can't wait!
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    Exclusive Auction For Sharks Forever Members

    Not that I want to turn this forum into an eBay of sorts, but hot off maco’s jersey push comes a collectors item I have gathered for auctioning that I truly think will be a collectors dream; particularly to those who have been involved in the BELIEVE campaign in the past. Exclusive to Sharks...
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    The 'Eleven 11' Series

    Hi peeps, As many of you will know, I recently began a full-time employment tenure at our Club. Recently, I pitched the idea of filming an eleven part short-documentary series to my higher ups at the Club. The pitch was well received and the thumbs up was given as long as I could find the...