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May 21, 2008
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When do we start looking to extend this bloke? Yes he’s only 1 year into a 3 year deal. But if this bloke starts the first 6-8 games on hire do we look at trying to add an additional 2 years on his contract? Or should we wait until he’s into his 3rd year.

I feel this bloke could explode in the next 12 months and will look at offers over 1 mil a year.
I think everyone's being very realistic about his value and we won't see an upgrade until near to or the end of this season. He will receive one though if he continues the way he has started for us.

I expect everyone involved is happy with that, too.


Apr 11, 2010
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Brisbane Times Article

What Latrell Mitchell said to Nicho Hynes after semi-final heartbreak​

The sight of Latrell Mitchell consoling Nicho Hynes in the middle of Allianz Stadium after last year’s semi-final was quickly celebrated as one of the most touching images of the NRL finals.
Now Hynes has revealed what Mitchell said to him as the pair, who have known each other for almost a decade, prepare to finally play alongside each other
Dally M Medal winner Hynes and Souths megastar Mitchell will spearhead the Indigenous All Stars team who take on James Fisher-Harris and Joey Manu’s Maori All Stars in Rotorua next month.
Hynes admired Mitchell when they briefly met in high school on the Central Coast - but the show of sportsmanship by the fullback after Souths defeated Cronulla last year took his level of respect to another level.

“A lot of people disrespect Latrell because he’s not afraid to talk about his feelings, but he cuddled me that night and said, ‘Nicho, you should be so proud of where you’ve taken this [Cronulla] team this year, it’s been a massive year for you, and use it as motivation for next year’,” Hynes told the Herald on Wednesday.
“I can remember it so clearly. “He even said, ‘I don’t give a **** about the cameras being on us’. It wasn’t an act. That’s Latrell. He’s genuine.
“I respect what he did that night, and I’ll remember it for a long time. A lot of people are Latrell Mitchell fans - he’s won two premierships for the Roosters, a World Cup, Origin series for NSW, yet people want to bring him down for sticking up for his culture, which is the oldest culture in the world.
“The quicker people educate themselves about what it means to be a blackfella in this country, the better it will be, and they won’t try to drag him down.”

Hynes, 26, soaked up All Stars week last year, furthering his own knowledge about his Indigenous roots, although he was disappointed in his own efforts in the halves, despite being one of the standouts against the Maoris.
“The week I had with the boys, and what I learned about me as an Aboriginal man, that’s what I cared about last year - but this year, I want to win,” Hynes said.
Hynes made the successful switch to the halves during his first year in the Shire and heads into this season more confident in his own ability to see the Sharks around the park.
It is so easy to forget this time last year, Hynes had played just 36 NRL games, and only two of them in the halves.
Ever the perfectionist, Hynes makes no apologies for setting his personal goals high, which includes a premiership with Cronulla, and forcing his way into the NSW Origin side.
“I need to continue to work hard, I’m so confident in myself now, and the knowledge I have this year, I feel like I’m a completely different player and human,” Hynes said.
“But you can’t stop. I’m not resting my laurels because I’ve won a Dally M. I want to play Origin. I’ve been 18th man for four Origin games in a row. I want to play just one game. I want to win a comp. There are so many more goals I want to tick off. I’m striving for the best.”