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    For Sale - Colour Me Black White and Blue

    Never. Downsizing and some big decisions had to be made!
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    For Sale - Colour Me Black White and Blue

    Thought I'd offer it here before the usual sites (if that's allowed). pm for details. $250
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Love the logo
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Do you leave the stickers on like the cool kids?
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Very nice jersey. Classy
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    My avatar would sell in the thousands. These Marvel and DC guys have nothing on The Phantom
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    Charity run from Nadi to Suva

    Not asking for money, don't worry! Just letting you all know that I'm running from Nadi to Suva (200km) from this Friday (Fiji Day) till Monday. 50km a day, unassisted. Just me, a backpack and the road. I have been sponsored by a number of companies to raise money for the local hospital...
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    ARLC - Independent Commission

    If I was asked to list the top ten things that needed to be immediately dealt with and have money spent on in the NRL, 'rebadging' or rebranding would not have appeared. I can't comment on the video because internation al viewing is not allowed :/ But...The font is hideous. The southern cross...
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    Off Season Comp (sharks69)

    This quote was a bit lost in the game day thread so moved it here on behalf of sharks69 The suggestion of this 20/20 style match, look at the HSBC 7s as an indication of how a comp like this can work. Like rugby union or loath it, they have a very popular comp happening here that garners...
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    Sharks Leagues Club Development Plan

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    How to Post in

    Please use the following guidelines and sample post to fine-tune your posts here on sharks Do not refer to players by their real names. A derogatory 'joke' name is prefereable such as phlemmo for Flanagan. If you cannot think of a suitable joke name please be sure to at least...
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    Big Thanks to Gil

    Dear, A couple weeks ago I received a pm from Gil asking how my merchandise stack over here was and did I manage to get any team posters? I replied no and he said he had a few knocking around and if I gave my address he'd send them over. I thanked him, told him I'd fix him...