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Jan 18, 2011
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South Coast
I’d hope Ronnie feels like there is unfinished business. I’d be happy to give him 2-3 years and if we can’t get the job done by then, he can ride his dolphin out into the sunset


Apr 25, 2010
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Sifa is one of our best players week in week out - right now he is invaluable to us and you would pay him the bank to keep him. He's having more impact on a game than Sharks players on twice his salary but nearly every club would have examples of that.

But a contract has to consider the potential future performances of a player and the balance of a squad and the same would go for another club looking to recruit him. Fortunately we have Sifa until end of 2023 already contracted so it gives us another 12 months or so to access where Sifa and our wider squad is at.

Jesse is on what roughly $500k - they way he is playing this year I don't feel unhappy about that, he is earning that - when he ain't suspended :p

Sifa has been going even better than Jesse in the centres + can cover in the forwards and has now played Origin

I think he's a $600k man now (dunno what he currently on but I would imagine $600k would be a significant bump) and it's that sort of coin or more we will prob be competing with. If his form keeps up well into 2023 it would be even more coin.

I reckon an "overs" offer or desperate offer from another club might not be that far beyond what we actual offer him as being a non spine player kinda puts an artificial cap on the sort of money he would realistically get offered but when you are a gun fullback or half offers can vary by $500k+ between clubs! Clubs go all out for key positions to build a squad around.

Whether clubs see him as or want him as a forward or centre might determine how crazy the offers might get as it's not abnormal for a middle forward or even edge forward to get paid massive money so the non-spine player thing certainty has increasingly more common exceptions.

if we are to believe Zero Tackle they have Stephen Crichton of the Panthers @ $600k per year and he is one of the best centres in the game but probs not the highest paid.

Some of it will depend on how much currency Sifa puts in the loyalty/reward the club kinda factor as he says he's grateful for getting another chance at the Sharks to play NRL and he seems pretty settled here now.

Tracey is a step or 2 below Talakai and Jesse and hoping one of our younger backs could fill the void is risky.
Having said that i have my doubts if Sifa will be a long term centre for us but if he keeps playing at this level how could you move him.

He is giving us the punch of a forward and the skills and play making of an outside back
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Jul 5, 2011
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No idea what we have in the cap but based on having no idea I'd offer him 650k per season, 3 years