3-2-1 Thread: Cronulla vs Gold Coast, NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010

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May 21, 2009
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Ramzyv1's ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Wasn't just the monster workload this week (although that would be enough), he was also instrumental in the attack too like he used to be and was the dominant player on the field for both teams. What a performance! (9/10)
2 Points - Nathan Gardner: Great game, keeps coming up with standout performances each week despite being targeted heavily. Hope he can keep it up next year. (9/10)
1 Point - John Morris: Probably the best game he has had for us all year. Great performance. (9/10)

- Blake Ferguson: Probably his best game of the year, had a one on one battle with Bird all night and won. (7/10)
- Dean Collis: Solid game again, I really like having him around. (7/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: Was a liability under the high ball twice with 2 mistakes there but his running was superb as usual. (6/10)
- Luke Covell: Great last home game, he has really done well the last couple of weeks. He will be missed. That try will be something he will always remember. Good on him. (8/10)
- Trent Barrett: Expected him to have an awesome game and he didn't really but he was good. He can be proud of his performance. (7/10)
- Tim Smith: Was pretty good. Great try after being closed down. Keep it up. (7/10)
- Kade Snowden: The Big Blue Monster as usual. (8/10)
- Luke Douglas: Was very good. (8/10)
- Taulima Tautai: It's hard to criticise anyone after a win like that but really Tautai was pretty poor again. He dropped an easy ball then almost gave away a penalty on the next play. Other than that he was just lackluster. I really think we have better players than him that should be used. Solid hitter though of course. (4/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Was going pretty well before getting injured. Hope he is alright. (5/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: Much better this week. He will need to keep improving though. What an offload! (6/10)
- Broderick Wright: Probably his best game imo. I never notice him really but on saturday I thought he was really strong. (6/10)
- Paul Aiton: Maybe Morris just looked better but I was disappointed with Ation's impact for this game. He wasn't bad but I am used to him being consistently excellent. (5/10)
- Grant Millington: Strong game. (6/10)

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Apr 17, 2006
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zakspiders' ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen
2 Points - Nathan Gardner
1 Point - Kade Snowden

- Blake Ferguson: go away
- Ben Pomeroy: good game
- Luke Covell: afterburners engaged!
- Tim Smith: close to his best showing for us
- John Morris: impressed
- Taulima Tautai: not bad.
- Adam Cuthbertson: not bad.

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