3-2-1 Thread: Cronulla vs Gold Coast, NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010

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Jan 16, 2009
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The Shire!
JimBob's ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Luke Covell: Best game of the year, sad to see him go but he's had a wonderful career (9/10)
2 Points - Paul Gallen: Gallen was superb. (10/10)
1 Point - Nathan Gardner: Fantastic game, we have found our fullback. (9/10)

- Blake Ferguson: Canberra will be licking their lips after tonight with his game. (8/10)
- Dean Collis: Quiet tonight but was involved in some good plays. (6/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: His attack has improved dramatically after his hand healed, he came fourth on my list. (9/10)
- Trent Barrett: Good game from him, kicking was a little off a little but understandably after all the pressure that was putt on him. (7/10)
- Tim Smith: Best game he's had for us. He passed well and kicked well. (8/10)
- Kade Snowden: Snowy played fantastic and aggressive! (9/10)
- John Morris: Best game for us, took on the line with fantastic dummy half runs. (8/10)
- Luke Douglas: Played his usual fantastic game (7/10)
- Taulima Tautai: he's playing better every week. (8/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Tupou was heavily involved in the first half till he's injury. (6/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: For the small amount of time he was on he played good footy. (6/10)
- Broderick Wright: His running game has improved dramatically since he debuted for us. Solid game. (7/10)
- Paul Aiton: Aiton played his game great. (7/10)
- Grant Millington: sad to see him go, good game. (7/10)

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Jul 5, 2010
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Blair's ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen (10/10)
2 Points - Nathan Gardner (9/10)
1 Point - Tim Smith (8/10)

- Blake Ferguson (1/10)
- Dean Collis (6/10)
- Ben Pomeroy (7/10)
- Luke Covell (8/10)
- Trent Barrett (7/10)
- Kade Snowden (8/10)
- John Morris (7/10)
- Luke Douglas (8/10)
- Taulima Tautai (7/10)
- Anthony Tupou (6/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson (7/10)
- Broderick Wright (8/10)
- Paul Aiton (7/10)
- Grant Millington (5/10)

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Jun 10, 2008
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The Shire - 2232
IronShark's ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Can you give a higher score than ten? Gallen you are a freak! Give that man the Captaincy NOW! (10/10)
2 Points - Luke Covell: Luke Covell, you Sir are a true champion. What a game to finish your career at Shark Park. Love ya brother! (10/10)
1 Point - Trent Barrett: Trent, it's been a pleasure to see you in our jersey. Too bad it couldn't have been for many more years. If only you had realised the Dragon's were scum earlier! (8/10)

- Nathan Gardner: Gards played another blinder and probably deserves to get some points but I'm giving them to Covell and Barrett as my final tribute! Sorry Gards but there will be plenty for you in the future, I have no doubt! (9/10)
- Blake Ferguson: Seeya Blake, hope you grow up and realise what a mistake you have made one day. You could have been someone here. (6/10)
- Dean Collis: Solid game. Nothing outstanding but nothing terrible. (7/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: Great game Pom's. Hope you come back bigger and better next year! (8/10)
- Tim Smith: Gret to see Timmy getting some form and actually running the ball to the line occasionally. Keep it up son! (7/10)
- Kade Snowden: Massive hits from the big fellas up front. Great stuff. (9/10)
- John Morris: Played well but was outshone by Aiton for mine. (6/10)
- Luke Douglas: Dougie and Snow dominated the Titans pack last night. The new "Bash Brothers"! (9/10)
- Taulima Tautai: Good effort in the second row, could be the future for him. (7/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Good game Toops, defence was solid. (7/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: Good injection when on the field from Cuthbo. Ran the ball strongly and a good, safe offload. (7/10)
- Broderick Wright: Looked solid and strong last night. Will get better I reckon. (7/10)
- Paul Aiton: Great addition to the team when he is on the field. (8/10)
- Grant Millington: Sorry to hear you are going Grant. Have been a solid performer for our Club. (7/10)

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Jul 24, 2010
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squiddys' ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Disapointed there was no option for 11 !! A Machine ... (10/10)
2 Points - Nathan Gardner: This kid will be - no wait is a Star (8/10)
1 Point - Grant Millington: unsung hero - has made several try saving tackles over the past weeks - last night no exception will be a Big loss - surely we could have resigned him (7/10)

- Blake Ferguson: best game in a Sharks jersey (7/10)
- Dean Collis: Good solid centres game (6/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: ran hard and straight and solid in "D" (6/10)
- Luke Covell: Solid and Dependable game deserved a 7 but giving him a 10 for the years of loyal service , Oh and we are chasing Atkins ? Who couldnt run the great man down ?? (10/10)
- Trent Barrett: Sorry not a fan - very disapointing again (5/10)
- Tim Smith: Looked and played like a half finally (7/10)
- Kade Snowden: playing tired - but great effort (7/10)
- John Morris: Sound defended well (6/10)
- Luke Douglas: So pleased he got a try - like Snowy playing tired (7/10)
- Taulima Tautai: did a lot of defence (6/10)
- Anthony Tupou: tried to get involved but just can't click at present (5/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: magic pass towards the end - a liability in defence though (4/10)
- Broderick Wright: some good stats , this kid was an integral part of Parras run to the GF last year - yet he has trouble getting time with us - good stats last night however (6/10)
- Paul Aiton: normally gives us spark not enough game time last night (6/10)

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May 6, 2009
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Mark^Bastard's ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: I'm struggling to think how anyone could have a better game. A try and two massive try assists, plus all of that hard work. Incredible, inspirational stuff. (10/10)
2 Points - Nathan Gardner: Love his support play and enthusiasm. Just want to pinch his cheeks like MG. (9/10)
1 Point - Ben Pomeroy: Our best centre by far and if he keeps this form up we'll be able to say the same thing next year. Like the commentators said he must have one of the widest steps in the game. (9/10)

- Blake Ferguson: Still crabbed too much. He did aim up more than usual and had some decent one-on-one defence. (7/10)
- Dean Collis (7/10)
- Luke Covell: That game perfectly summed up his career. If he was fast he could have been one of the best wingers of all time. (9/10)
- Trent Barrett (8/10)
- Tim Smith: His best game in Sharks colours. Actually touched the football more than Scott Prince! Played better than him too. Was great to see. (9/10)
- Kade Snowden: Another incredible effort. (9/10)
- John Morris: Was on fire (9/10)
- Luke Douglas: Another incredible effort. (9/10)
- Taulima Tautai: Played almost a whole game in the second row. He's really taking the challenge of moving into the forwards like a duck to water. (7/10)
- Anthony Tupou (7/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: For the amount of time he was on he did very well (8/10)
- Broderick Wright (6/10)
- Paul Aiton: Quiet game for Aiton (6/10)
- Grant Millington: Great defence. (8/10)

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May 1, 2007
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Boundos' ratings for Cronulla vs Gold Coast (NRL Premiership, Round 25, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: nuff said (9/10)
2 Points - Anthony Tupou: got involved more which i liked to see. I really think he is wasted taking hit ups in the first 1 or 2 tackles, and should be used on 3rd or 4th tackle out wide with Gards and co in support for the offload. (7/10)
1 Point - Kade Snowden: Solid from Snowy as always. (8/10)

- Nathan Gardner: Decent game, good backing up of Gallen for his meaty, really he can hold it together next year and not get the 2nd year jitters (7/10)
- Blake Ferguson: got involved more which was good to see. Shame he does this now he has signed for another club. Good riddance for mine (5/10)
- Dean Collis: reasonable game (6/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: couple of bad defensive blunders. Ran hard though. (5/10)
- Luke Covell: Solid last home game from Cov. Good way to leave shark park (7/10)
- Trent Barrett: as above (7/10)
- Tim Smith: decent game. Really think he needs to start killing it in offence to cover for his lack of defence. Best option we have at the moment though. (6/10)
- John Morris: quiet for mine. Wanna see him pick it up next year or see Aiton get more time (6/10)
- Luke Douglas: Solid as usual. Although i do feel he is being overshadowed by Snowy a bit this season. Want him to rise the the challenge next year (7/10)
- Taulima Tautai: personally i think TT is getting better and better everytime i see him. Love the idea of him playing as a 2nd rower off the bench until he can establish himself there fulltime. Also can cover centers incase of injury (7/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: aeverage game at best (5/10)
- Broderick Wright: You can tell he is still learning, hopefully starts to make an impact next year (5/10)
- Paul Aiton: Played well, really want him to step up though and challenge Morris for the starting hooker spot (7/10)
- Grant Millington: did what he had to. nothing more nothing less (6/10)

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