Sharks vs Brisbane, Play-Off For Fifth 1989


Mako Shark
Dec 16, 2005
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Monty Porter Stand
The amazing 38-14 flogging that Cronulla dished out to the Broncos in the 1989 play-off for fifth won't be forgotten by anyone who saw it.

As David Middleton described it: "Cronulla produced close to the perfect game of football to send Wally Lewis' Broncos crashing from the semi-finals. In a stunning exhibition of attacking football, Cronulla sent shockwaves through the league world with their seven tries to two assault. The power and precision of Cronulla's onslaught left the Broncos in a rabble.

"Fullback Jonathan Docking, playing the finest game of his career, was simply unstoppable, slicing through Brisbane's defence almost each time he retrieved a kick.

"And when award-winning second rower Gavin Miller took control of the game, his ball-play and individual skills were mesmerising.

"The play-off against Brisbane highlighted the fact that the Sharks were capable of beating any team in the competition."

This file is quite large, but is well worth it, with classic tries to Alan Wilson, Gavin Miller, Michael Speechley and ET, and also starring Mark McGaw and Paul Bishop.

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