Blast from the Past - 1998 - Sharks to net young drinkers


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May 9, 2008
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Sharks to net young drinkers
STEVE MASCORD. Sydney Morning Herald. Sydney, N.S.W.: Feb 28, 1998. pg. 7

Young rugby league fans at Shark Park may be breath tested this year as the Cronulla club attempts to stamp out under-age drinking.

The Sharks, concerned about unruly behaviour at home games in recent seasons, say they have held discussions with police about introducing the unprecedented measure.

A Cronulla Leagues Club spokesman said breath testing of suspected under-aged drinkers was agreed to in principle by police, council officials and local residents at a meeting yesterday.

Civil libertarians described the plan as "outrageous".

The club's chief executive, Mr Shane Richardson, said: "Breath testing has been mentioned at our meetings and we're looking into it.

"Obviously there are legal issues and we're working through it with the police."

The Sharks are worried families are being scared away from games by the behaviour of fans under 18 who show up to games drunk.

A Cronulla Leagues Club spokesman, Mr Cyprian Fernandez, said fans who were suspected of being drunk and under 18 would be asked to undergo breath analysis at entrance gates, in the presence of police. If they refused the test or failed it, they would not be admitted.

Adults could also be tested inside the ground.

Officials believe they have the right to conduct such tests because the Sharks own their home ground, rather than leasing it from the local council or a trust as most other clubs in the National Rugby League do.

The secretary of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Mr Tim Anderson, said his organisation would investigate. He added: "I think it's outrageous."

The Minister for Police, Mr Whelan, said that while he supported efforts to reduce alcohol-related problems at sporting events, he would be calling for a report on the latest proposal.


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May 6, 2009
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I remember all too well what it was like to be young and just want to have a bit of fun.