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Dec 16, 2005
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Lucas ready to step on it
24 Jul 10 @ 01:19pm
by Louise Goodwin

BENJAMIN Lucas ran the Gold Coast Marathon earlier this month so sprinting up more than 1500 stairs tomorrow should be a breeze.

This is the second year Mr Lucas will compete in the Sydney Tower Run-Up and he is hoping to cut his time of about 10 minutes.

“Given you start at Pitt St you want to be the first to the stairs - run up two stairs at a time, take the inside running and run with your elbows out,” he said. “My long-term goal is to do the Empire State Building stairs in New York.”

Competitors have to run up 1504 stairs to the observation deck of Sydney Tower to share in a $25,000 prize pool. Mr Lucas, a former Cronulla Sharks player, who owns Vision Personal Training centres in Mosman and Neutral Bay, said he was prepared, having trained on any stairs he could find in nearby buildings.

“Nutrition is also a really big factor, as well as abdominal strength,” he said.