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Dec 16, 2005
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Hawaii Rugby League Sets Eyes on Hawaii

League is still very much in the earliest stages in Hawaii (the first game was two weeks ago), but if the game can think longer-term and get behind them, it's a perfect stepping stone to bridge Samoa/Tonga/Fiji and the west coast of the US.

It's admittedly a long play, but would love to see the Sharks keep in mind the opportunities for support in these markets.
Sep 21, 2009
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It's always good seeing League try to expand into new areas.


Apr 1, 2010
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I guess this close enough for the appropriate thread.

Interesting article:

Rival bodies still at war in USA

Peace negotiations between rugby league's warring bodies in the United States have collapsed, with one club posting a statement describing the AMNRL - which sent the popular USA Tomahawks to the World Cup - as "defunct".

An AMNRL source denied this but Discord has been told that a peace deal was agreed upon, only for last minute complications to scupper the arrangement. It appears the USARL feels it is in a dominant position and has decided to finish off its rival.

The AMNRL has vowed to fight on, while the USARL promises major announcements in the coming weeks - even though it is not the officially recognised body for the sport in America.

NY Raiders posted the following statement on its site in the last day or so:

"We, The Raiders, an American Rugby League Football Club, based in New York, former member in good standing of the now defunct AMNRL, today declare our neutrality from any and all self appointed, unelected, officers, officials, negotiators, organizations, agents, governing bodies or their affiliates," it said.

"This decision derives from continuing inter league politics detrimental to the sport and our team. Neutrality aside, we reserve our right play and remain committed to competing in the upcoming 2014 Rugby League season.

"We strive for a forward thinking, transparent, inclusive governing body manned by elected members willing to produce a structured, viable business model for our sport."

Apparently the Raiders did not respect the independent commission set up under the peace deal - a peace deal which has fallen through anyway. The other new country in last year's World Cup, Italy, also has a divided comp.

It's a mess - and exactly the sort of behaviour that gave birth to rugby league in the first place.

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