3-2-1 vs Sydney Roosters (Round 7, 2023)


Great White
Oct 11, 2021
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3 Nikora
2 Hynes
1 Sifa

Blayke very close to getting a point this week.
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Aug 11, 2011
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Perth WA
Putting this up now as I’m stuck at work through the whole game. Please refer to the responses below depending on the result.

If we win: Maaaaassive win tonight over a potential top 4 rival. How good was Moylan? Really answered his critics I felt. Always knew he was class.

If we lose: Bottlers. Chokers. Devastating loss albeit to a top 4 team, which we are definitely not! How **** was Moylan?! How the **** could he *insert **** onfield mistake 1 here* or how about when he *insert **** onfield mistake 2 here*. Always knew he was ****!

In taking CM’s lead…….

A win:
3. Hynes - our Talisman
2. Sifa - Absolutely killed his opposite
1. Nikora - Just keeps getting better

HM‘s inc BHU, Moylan and Brailey. Abt time they stepped up and showed us some form

A loss:
3. Hynes - Always puts in and tries to lead (maybe tries a little to hard at times)
Daylight as no other ****er deserves a vote, but I’ll go with
2. Nikora - Always tries hard, but **** me he is always good for a drop ball or 3 and a penalty in our own end!
1. Kennedy - Popped up on occasion but really needs to support more and his goal line D is shockingly bad.

Moylan and Brailey need to introduce themselves to Newtown Head Coach George Ndaira.
Sifa and Wilton really need to learn how to defend. That left edge D was abysmal

Refs didn’t help much either. All 50/50‘s went the way of the Rorters!
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Tiger Shark
May 7, 2022
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Tough one this week.

3. Hynes
2. Mulitalo
1. Brailey

Special mentions to BHU, Kennedy, Talakai and BB