3-2-1 Thread: Cronulla vs St George Illawarra, NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011

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Mar 8, 2011
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This is the 3-2-1 thread for the match:

Cronulla 16 - St George Illawarra 10
NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011
Toyota Stadium, 7:00 pm, Monday March 21, 2011

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Bull Shark
Jul 5, 2010
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Blair's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Kade Snowden: ***K I am gonna miss him. (9/10)
2 Points - Ben Pomeroy: How I wished he played every week. Or atleast every second week. (8/10)
1 Point - Wade Graham: Best defensive effort from a half since Noddy wore the 7.

- Albert Kelly (8/10)

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Sharky Pete

Jan 18, 2010
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The Shire
Sharky Pete's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Jeremy Smith: Absolute massive game. So good to see him in our colours. (10/10)
2 Points - Paul Gallen: Massive game by Captain Courageous yet again. Has to have sealed Brut Big Hit of the Year for that bell ringer on Weyman. (9/10)
1 Point - Nathan Gardner: Stroke of genius to set up that try on half time. Haven't seen a stroke of genius like that from our players like that in years. (8/10)

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Master Sharky

Grey Nurse
May 20, 2008
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Central Coast
Master Sharky's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Typical Gallen, nothing more to say!
2 Points - John Morris: John Morris tackled himself to a standstill, and im not even a fan of his.
1 Point - Jeremy Smith: Worked hard cleaning up in the middle.

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Great White
May 21, 2009
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Ramzyv1's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Ben Pomeroy: Minute for minute I can see arguments for Gal or other forwards to get all the points but Poms not only played the game of his life but I believe he set the tone for the whole game with his 2 big hits at the start, as we looked shaky before that. Two tries as well. Wow, what a game. (10/10)
2 Points - Paul Gallen: What a bloody hero! (10/10)
1 Point - Jeremy Smith: He was a real leader just like Gal, I am so happy we signed him. (9/10)

- Nathan Gardner: Was excellent considering the wet weather and certainly outplayed Darius Boyd. I hope we keep this guy forever. (8/10)
- Matthew Wright: Might be unfair to be negative about anyone after a game like that but Wright seemed to be the weak link for me. He did fine but I would like to see Best move to the wing and Collis come back in or bring up Gordon. I rate Wright and want him to succeed but he, again, just seems like the weak link in the backline. Played fine. (6/10)
- Colin Best: Showed glimpses of the his Canberra form from a few years ago with a couple of his runs and a big hit on Soward. Hope he continues to improve as he could be a major asset. (7/10)
- John Williams: Showed alot of class, I really like this player. That kick off that went out on the full though at the start of the game was terrible. Most weeks they would have punished us for that and I think if they had then it would have been a different game and maybe a cricket score to them. You just can't make those mistakes. (7/10)
- Albert Kelly: Good game and will only get better. Really impressed by his tackling and he showed class with that Tupou try. (8/10)
- Wade Graham: Some of his 5th tackle options were **** and some of his kicks were outstanding. Consistentcy and confidence will come. Good game. (7/10)
- Kade Snowden: Played out of his skin, any other week he could have gotten the 3 points but the other forwards and Poms were also excellent. What a great player. (9/10)
- John Morris: Really stepped up and took control and was no small part of this win. I think the halves benefit from his experience as well as when they are a bit off, he steps in. (8/10)
- Luke Douglas: Was very good and should be proud of his effort. I tend not to notice him as much as Snowden and the backrowers but he still gets through the workload. (8/10)
- Anthony Tupou: One of his best games in Sharks colours. Did not look out of place next to Smith and Gallen. (9/10)
- Josh Cordoba: Probably the best game I have seen him play, really matched the other forwards for intensity. (7/10)
- Broderick Wright: Played very solidly, and a good line break through toughness and determination. (7/10)
- Stuart Flanagan: Morris played so well that Flanagan didn't really get a chance. He played fine but I definitely want Aiton slotting in next week. (5/10)
- Johnny Mannah: We didn't lose anything up front when he came on. Great effort. (8/10)

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Super Moderator
Staff member
Apr 8, 2008
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burgess1978's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Kade Snowden (8/10)
2 Points - John Morris (8/10)
1 Point - Paul Gallen (8/10)

- Nathan Gardner (7/10)
- Matthew Wright (7/10)
- Ben Pomeroy (7/10)
- Colin Best (7/10)
- John Williams (7/10)
- Albert Kelly (7/10)
- Wade Graham (6/10)
- Luke Douglas (7/10)
- Jeremy Smith (8/10)
- Anthony Tupou (8/10)
- Josh Cordoba (7/10)
- Broderick Wright (7/10)
- Stuart Flanagan (6/10)
- Johnny Mannah (7/10)

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Mako Shark
Staff member
Dec 16, 2005
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Monty Porter Stand
SF's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Awesome game, this is how he should always play. Best local derby player ever! (9/10)
2 Points - Anthony Tupou: Without his great try all the monster tackling in the world wouldn't have helped - but he did plenty of that too. (9/10)
1 Point - Jeremy Smith: Provided the difference in his experience and ferocity. (9/10)

- Nathan Gardner: So good. (9/10)
- Matthew Wright: Did a great job getting us out of our half. (8/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: Big defence, and two tries from bombs. Should keep his spot. (8/10)
- Colin Best: Welcome home - great defensive and attacking game. Always looked committed and dangerous (8/10)
- John Williams: Good work with the bombs. Good runs from dummy half. Excellent defense on Morris. One mistake with the first kick off but more than made up for it (8/10)
- Albert Kelly: Excellent inside ball for Tupou's try just before half time. Showed a heap of energy in everything from kick-chases to dummy-half runs, and defended very well. (9/10)
- Wade Graham: Made some ordinary final-play decisions in the first half, but the rest of his game was excellent. (8/10)
- Kade Snowden: So hard not to give him Man of the Match (9/10)
- John Morris: Excellent defensive effort, and some good kicking. (8/10)
- Luke Douglas: See Snowden. (9/10)
- Josh Cordoba: One of the few games where our bench has performed as well as our starting forwards and Cordoba led the way. (8/10)
- Broderick Wright: Excellent contribution in the second half, kept the team effort going. (8/10)
- Johnny Mannah: Best game in first grade (8/10)

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Great White
May 6, 2009
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Mark^Bastard's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: Absolutely inspirational game. Massive meters and not a single one was cheap. The backbone of our team. (10/10)
2 Points - Kade Snowden: What a god damn animal. There are plenty of dragons forwards that would have had nightmares last night. Epic game. (10/10)
1 Point - Jeremy Smith: I was tossing up whether to give the 1 point to Smith or Tupou. Ended up going with Smith because he gave it his all against his old club. Didn't hold back. (9/10)

- Nathan Gardner: Very safe in horrible conditions. (9/10)
- Matthew Wright: Good solid kick returns, still has a bit to learn about playing on the wing. (7/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: Bloody monster. We really need a strike player in the backs and he looks the most likely. (8/10)
- Colin Best: Had a really good game and made up for last week. Big, strong and looks fast as well. (8/10)
- John Williams: Really safe and gave it 100%. Genuinely surprised how solid he has been after last year. A change is as good as a holiday. (8/10)
- Albert Kelly: Loved that try assist and his kicking game was great. Took the line on too. (8/10)
- Wade Graham: Still a bit shaky but great kicking game and some strong defense. (7/10)
- John Morris: Best game in Sharks colours. Loved it. Loved the passion. He's a Sharks player alright. (9/10)
- Luke Douglas: Great work horse effort as usual. The rotation changes seemed to help the team. Was very fresh when he came back on and created danger. (9/10)
- Anthony Tupou: His running game was dangerous. His combo with Kelly is going to be one to watch. Cut people in half in defense as well. Looked hurt near the end but got back to his feet every time. (9/10)
- Josh Cordoba: Really strong. His best game at the Sharks. (8/10)
- Broderick Wright: Didn't see anything particularly special but did his job. (7/10)
- Stuart Flanagan: Didn't see anything particularly special but did his job. (7/10)
- Johnny Mannah: Didn't see anything particularly special but did his job. (7/10)

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Total gronk
Apr 2, 2010
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In your head, rent free
snowman's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: complete turn around from the skipper, awesome game, 10/10 (10/10)
2 Points - Jeremy Smith: fired up, lead by example, buy of the year (9/10)
1 Point - John Morris: best game in sharks colours. strong around the ruck, kicked well, defended well, ran strong. (8/10)

- Nathan Gardner: nees work on his positional play, 2 weeks in a row he has been caugh out on 40/20's..

that said, his support play is awesome (7/10)
- Matthew Wright: much better this week, still needs a bit of work, but his defence was awesome, as were kick returns again (6/10)
- Ben Pomeroy: best game in along time (7/10)
- Colin Best: great defender, looked likely to score a try but good defence kept him out.
- John Williams: turning out to be a good buy, easy goal kick could of hurt us, but very safe this year (6/10)
- Albert Kelly: the future (7/10)
- Wade Graham: he reminds me of noddy. kick chase, strong defender... once he opens up his attacking arsenal he could be anything (7/10)
- Kade Snowden: unlucky to not get points, was very good though (8/10)
- Luke Douglas: great game, very strong (8/10)
- Anthony Tupou: the toops of old, keeps it up and he could take watmongs origin spot (8/10)
- Josh Cordoba: best game for the sharks, happy to have him on the bench (7/10)
- Broderick Wright: good game, would rather a bench of vave mannah and cordoba though (6/10)
- Stuart Flanagan: limited minutes, because morris had a blinder (5/10)
- Johnny Mannah: Tank. enough said (7/10)

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Dec 31, 2009
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Area 51
Gil's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Ben Pomeroy: He definatly had his weetbix. Solid game.
2 Points - Jeremy Smith: Shoved that in their face. Great game.
1 Point - Paul Gallen: Does he ever stop.

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Oct 6, 2008
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Giles/Brunt's ratings for Cronulla vs St George Illawarra (NRL Premiership, Round 2, 2011)

3 Points - Kade Snowden: Had some big hits and hit-ups played with one eye great to see. (9/10)
2 Points - Ben Pomeroy: Great in defense and attack this game loved his first two tackles skipped a hartbeat when he jugled the ball for the first try but he made the game entertaining. (9/10)
1 Point - Wade Graham: Great defensive effort great to see him fire up and chase his own kicks (9/10)

- Nathan Gardner: Love gardners involvment he's always there and he always gives it his best. (9/10)
- Matthew Wright: Would like too see more confidence from wright, like to see him catch the ball instead of trap it with his legs. (7/10)
- Colin Best: good improvement on last week made a break and did his job (7/10)
- John Williams: Great fringe defense, solid goal kicking considering the conditions wish he caught that ball to go over and score. (9/10)
- Albert Kelly: Would like to see sme more involvment fromm kelly he just needs to do more of what he did last night, would like to see him suprise the defense and run the ball. (8/10)
- John Morris: Morris kicking from dummy half really worked well for us, was good in defense as well involed in soo many tackles (9/10)
- Luke Douglas: Like Kade big hits and great hit-ups (9/10)
- Jeremy Smith: Good defense and attack had the dragons running the scared and dropping the ball before they hit the line. (9/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Had a good battle with mat cooper shame to see matt cooper get some good tackles on him tupou had the last luagh scooring against cooper tho. (8/10)
- Paul Gallen: Good defense and attack had the dragons running the scared and dropping the ball before they hit the line. (9/10)
- Josh Cordoba: Did what he was supposed to solid effort. (8/10)
- Broderick Wright: Good break and did a solid job at doing what hes supposed to (8/10)
- Stuart Flanagan: Came into the game late but performed well (7/10)
- Johnny Mannah: some good runs and solid defense (7/10)

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