3-2-1 Thread: Cronulla vs Parramatta, NRL Premiership, Round 11, 2010

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Soon I Hope

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Jul 7, 2009
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Soon I Hope's ratings for Cronulla vs Parramatta (NRL Premiership, Round 11, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Aiton (9/10)
2 Points - Paul Gallen (9/10)
1 Point - Nathan Gardner (8/10)

- Blake Ferguson (6/10)
- Dean Collis (7/10)
- Taulima Tautai (3/10)
- Isaac Gordon (6/10)
- Trent Barrett (7/10)
- Tim Smith (7/10)
- Kade Snowden (8/10)
- John Morris (7/10)
- Luke Douglas (7/10)
- Grant Millington (8/10)
- Anthony Tupou (8/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson (7/10)
- Broderick Wright (7/10)
- Siosaia Vave (7/10)

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Nov 18, 2009
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Jaz's ratings for Cronulla vs Parramatta (NRL Premiership, Round 11, 2010)

3 Points - Paul Gallen: His performance can only be described by one word: Gallenly. This is my proposition for a new word, it is like gallantly times 10. (10/10)
2 Points - Nathan Gardner: I'm loving this kid! Sure he's no Billy Slater but he is showing real courage and heart as well as some good football instincts. And he can kick goals from the left foot! And how about that wicked tackle on Eric Growthe Jr, he looked like a leopard! (9/10)
1 Point - Kade Snowden: What an absolute beast! (9/10)

- Blake Ferguson: Was good to see him involve himself a bit more in the game, as well as see the other players give him more ball because he is a good attacking weapon. Only would bad error from what i remember. (7/10)
- Dean Collis: Looked dangerous with every run. Wish we had 2 of him! (8/10)
- Taulima Tautai: Some improved defence, but still poor hands and poor attacking options. Don't know if he has it in him, or if he's just not ready yet. Please put Stapo in Ricky. (5/10)
- Isaac Gordon: Looked good when he had the ball but unfortunately this wasn't often. (6/10)
- Trent Barrett: Playing like he should have always been playing for us. (8/10)
- Tim Smith: Still a bit hot and cold but when he's hot his sizzling. (7/10)
- John Morris: Solid and dependable as always. (7/10)
- Luke Douglas: An improved game this week by Douggie I think. No dropped balls and good runs, nice manouvering to break their line by such a big man. (8/10)
- Grant Millington: I love Millo, so underrated. Just does his job and does it well, and never gives up. Loved the flick pass to Baz by the way! (7/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Great game by Toops, one of his better ones in the BW&B. Showing us the reason why we signed him in the first place. More of this! (8/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: Good hit ups (6/10)
- Broderick Wright: Decent effort apart from that dropped ball. (6/10)
- Paul Aiton: Great game. All up in Poore's face, the dog. Always got us on the front foot from dummy half, and stinging tackles. (9/10)
- Siosaia Vave: Solid and dependable as always. (7/10)

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