3-2-1 Thread: Cronulla vs Easts, NRL Premiership, Round 13, 2010

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Sharky Pete

Jan 18, 2010
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The Shire
Sharky Pete's ratings for Cronulla vs Easts (NRL Premiership, Round 13, 2010)

3 Points - Nathan Gardner: Absolutely sensational. Scored the best try I have seen since Peach tore the Cowgirls to shreds several years ago.
2 Points - Kade Snowden
1 Point - Luke Douglas

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Great White
May 21, 2009
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Ramzyv1's ratings for Cronulla vs Easts (NRL Premiership, Round 13, 2010)

3 Points - Nathan Gardner: Oustanding game, really impressed. Gave away a try with a hard knock on but didn't let it phase him. His solo try when we were heavily under the pump may have individually won us the game as that was the only time in the game the Roosters looked good and we looked shaky. (9/10)
2 Points - Trent Barrett: Another great game, he orchestrated our attack. I hope he still has the motivation to play like this after origin. (7/10)
1 Point - Kade Snowden: Really unlucky to miss out on origin. (8/10)

- Blake Ferguson: Still isn't performing as well as others in the team but is doing ok. Great run down the wing and great pass to Barrett for a try though. Some of our other players would have thrown that forward. (6/10)
- Dean Collis: Solid game. Has really held his own since returning. (7/10)
- Taulima Tautai: A couple of good tackles but really another poor performance with a really bad missed tackle that would have been a try if it wasn't for the speed of Issac Gordon. (4/10)
- Isaac Gordon: Has not played a bad game for us yet which in a debut season is a massive achievement. (7/10)
- Tim Smith: Still has not impressed me in any game since his first one vs Parramatta. He is a quality player though and does some great passes for us. It's only a matter of time before he really settles in and is one of our best consistently. Massive improvement from last week though and showed alot of heart to be able to come back from it. (6/10)
- John Morris: Played really well, again. My friend is a Tigers fan and made fun of me when we signed him but I am so glad we got him. (7/10)
- Luke Douglas: Another great performance. I wouldn't change our two starting props for anyone. (8/10)
- Grant Millington: Solid as usual. Scored a try with a good chase also. Certainly put the challenge to our backs. (7/10)
- Anthony Tupou: Has been on fire lately. Didn't impact as much as last week as he was given not as much ball but was a key part of the team. (7/10)
- Paul Gallen: Has been our heart and soul all season with ours 2 main props. Was rewarded with a try too. (9/10)
- Adam Cuthbertson: Was better this week but still not doing well enough. I'd keep him in the team though. (6/10)
- Broderick Wright: Didn't really notice him but seemed to do well. (6/10)
- Paul Aiton: Great game, again. (7/10)
- Siosaia Vave: Is doing really well, he is slowly getting more and more time and coping well. (8/10)

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