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May 21, 2008
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"The Storm squad have spent plenty of time on the road together over the past two years due to Covid and Smith said playing cards is constant feature.

The teammates play for cash and Smith ousted Cameron Munster as the worst punter in the team.

“I play a lot of cards, me and Christian Welch actually, I reckon we’re about to get hit up by the ATO because we just take that much cash off the boys,” Smith said.

“Cameron Munster, I reckon he’s give us a $1000 this year just on playing cards, he’s the worst."

LOL that is hilarious...I can totally see Brandon Smashing Munster at poker and then Munster getting Agro about it.

Sure he is a loose cannon and the article paints him as one from the interview. But lets be honest everyone already knew he was loose!
When Cheese was talking about how Cam Smith didn't get into any of that 'other stuff', then gave a nervous glance down the camera House of Cards style...