1996: Sharks smash Newcastle during massive Shire storm


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Dec 16, 2005
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Cronulla defeated the Knigts 22-0 in the final round of the 1996 season, ending Newcastle's final chances, but more notable was the massive storm which hit the Shire and Sydney on the last day of August in 1996.

Some homes were blacked out for a week, with Big League saying, "winds stronger than any previous were joined by cold and constant rain."

Still 5320 brave fans endured the weather to see another great Shark Park win.

From a storm site:

"On 31 August gales of up to 120kph and torrential rain (from 127mm to 260mm in 24 hrs) caused widespread heavy damage and flash floods.

Two drownings and 3 out of 7 road deaths were directly attributed to the storms. NSW SES received 7,500 calls for help. Most damage occurred around Sydney and Wollongong - severe damage to expensive boats and hundreds of homes (by falling trees) many being unroofed.

Cars were crushed, roads blocked, railways closed and over 100,000 homes blacked out, some for 2 days. 50 families were relocated from damaged homes. The Georges and Nepean Rivers broke their banks causing minor flood damage."

Other storm info


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