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    Four Nations - Aust v PNG Photos

    Exit stage left
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    Ryan Tongia

    Sliding a long, singing a song...
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    2010 Grand Final Photos

    2010 NRL Grand Final Saint Benny That's all folks
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    2010 Grand Final Photos

    as i go through them all i will put some of the best up for all to enjoy starting with NSW Cup GF Dogs v Windsor *excuse the quality of some photos, the internet has a habit of screwing it up
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    Well, We Did Win Something On Grand Final Day...

    Congrats to the Harold Matt's boys who won the sprint race, earning the $2,400 prize money, defeating Souths, Roosters and Illawarra..who ever our last runner was, well he can run. Roosters got out to a solid lead and looked home, but died in the arse, illawarra then steamed ahead, sharks...
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    Sharks v Dogs NSW Cup

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    TOYOTA CUP, Round 25 2010: Titans 28 - Sharks 21 @ Toyota Stadium

    A Bit Premature! it was another unlucky loss, the titans try to take them infront was a load of BS, when the bomb went up a titans player jumped prematurely something severe and our players had no chance Heartilage more like it :drunk
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    Peachey Almost Gets Away From A Titans Defender

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    Townsend Lines Up The Conversion

    concentration at a premium
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    Jubilation After TC Scores

    Celebration time for the try within 1 minute of potting a field goal.
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    Townsend Scores Under The Posts

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    Townsend Knows He Is About To Score

    try time
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    Townsend Makes A Break With No Defenders Near Him

    run rabbit run rabbit run run run
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    Titans Player Tries To Fend Off Leutele

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    Ricky Leutele

    Ricky Leutele gives a big don't argue on the inside defender.