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    Official Andrew Fifita

    But for who?
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    Junior League Finals

    hey guys, since the sharkies are playing at home this weekend and some of you want a live rugby league fix im playing a semi final this sunday at toyota stadium (followed by the other U21's semi and two A Grade Semi Finals) if anyone is interested my game kicks off at 10am (im assuming the...
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    Caption Time

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    Caption Time

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    Official Johnny Mannah

    Mannah is good, cant wait to see him after an offseason with flanno B.Wright is deadweight, so is Tautai
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    Junior Clubs

    hey just wondering, with all the avid league fans on here im sure some of you used to or still do play the great game who did you play for and how long? jeez im a club whore Young Rams - 1 Year Albion Park Oak Flats Eagles - 5 Years Engadine Dragons - Pre Season St John Bosco Bulldogs - 2...
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    so johnny could be back about the same time as covell :P
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    Meet Up This Weekend

    any of you sharksforever boys (and girls) keen to catch up for a beer this weekend? since i have yet to meet any of you (excluding peachey, SAG and a few others) it would be pretty good i missed the souths game (Traffic Offenders Program *yeuch*)
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    the NRL has to be phucking joking what a pack of wankers
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    if anyone on here is from the Gymea U19's **** youse boys played a good game today, but so did we, we'll get ya next time WOOOOO i scored :P P.S if anyone here knows anybody from the gymea 19's please congratulate them on a great game, courtesy of the big farking De La prop
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    Sharks v Raiders (Official Thread)

    1.Kearney 2.Taulapapa 3.Pomeroy 4.Simmons 5.Covell 6.Seymour 7.Kimmorley 8.Ross 9.De Gois 10.Douglas 11.Anderson 12.Williams 13.Gallen 14.Nutley 15.Snowden 16.Peek/Norrie 17.Seu Seu thats the side i'd pick if reecy is fit thoughts?
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    hi all just basic comparisons between our 6 props (excluding nutley, couldnt find his stats the stats are slightly out-dated i did these around round 17 i think enjoy Ross Games : 10 Mins : 40 per game Runs : 10 per game Metres : 92 per game Metres Per Carry : 8.8 Offloads : 0.7 per game...
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    how did 20's go this week?

    how did our U20's side go this week?