RLW Season Review: Cronulla Sharks


Bull Shark
Jul 13, 2011
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Lack of try scoring, lack of execution, lack of halves, lack of outside backs. Yes yes yes yes Shane, good article, you are right, we all know these are our problem areas. But I cant find in this article where you take some resposibility for this.

Why couldnt the halves execute and get the ball in their hands more?
Why did you allow Paul Gallen to touch the ball 2 and 3 times in a set and play like a halfback?
Why couldnt we see Paul Gallen used as a decoy more like we did two times at the end of the year which we scored tries off?
Why did we continously see five forward hitups in the opposition half followed by a useless kick to the corner?
Why did Douglas and Snowden countless times on the 4th tackle attacking the line hit the ball up and tip it on to each other for a useless play?
Why couldnt Pomeroy and Best get some simple clean ball in a bit of space to use their size and strength on smaller players?

Was this your game plan Shane?

He tried his best with some ****ty resources , I think he has done well with a team that was given to him in his first year of coaching and doing it pretty much on his own. With the the strong recruitment IMO we will be looking at a different 2012


Bull Shark
Oct 6, 2007
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All coaches try their best. The above points ive listed, anyone with a half decent footy brain could see they were problems. But I didnt see them rectified. I bet you a $100 he didnt tell Gal to stay out the play more and act as a more of a decoy. The two times he did he sucked in 2 defenders and we scored. Its impossible to tackle Gal 1 on 1. Dont you think any half decent coach would exploit that more.