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  1. pythagarushark

    Official William Kennedy

    dykes is behind atkins in the pecking order
  2. pythagarushark

    Official Addin Fonua-Blake

    maybe or maybe not...
  3. pythagarushark

    Official Addin Fonua-Blake

    is'nt it ironic that we have'nt herd from Uele, and at the same time wisps of unrest from AFB have emerged.......i wonder?
  4. pythagarushark


    massive storm up here no transmission, have to listen to it on the wireless
  5. pythagarushark

    Match 2024 NRL Round 3 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Wests Tigers, 7.35pm Saturday 23 March @ Leichhardt Oval

    now that they have the oportunity, would like to see Iro given a chance in the 2nd row. watching him a couple of times this year, he runs a straight line, takes the ball up well and is robust enough in defence, with a good bit of flare in attack
  6. pythagarushark

    Game on NOW Thread

    titans are woefull, des is allready on shaky ground
  7. pythagarushark

    Official Addin Fonua-Blake

    did i pick up a slight hint from the warriors cameron george- re no trade, but see what happens in the new year, or to that effect. all's quiet at the moment, but is it possible he could land here next year ??????
  8. pythagarushark

    Official Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    what impact financially,on the club is the delay and will it send us into debt ?
  9. pythagarushark

    Official Connor Tracey

    it was a trade