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    Official Daniel Atkinson

    With Trindall, Dykes and Atkinson, I can't see all 3 of them sticking around if they want a permanent gig in the team. I like all 3 of them, but can't see them all staying
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    Official Royce Hunt

    Don't see why we need Hunt next year with AFB coming. Williams has a much better rounded game.....Just my opinion
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    2024 NRL Round 9 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs St George Illawarra Dragons, 4.05pm Sunday 5 May @ PointsBet Stadium

    List of other teams beside us that haven't won a premiership since Flanno's 2016 side.... Brisbane Canberra Canterbury Dolphins Gold Coast Manly Newcastle North Queensland New Zealand Parramatta South Sydney St.George Wests So that only leaves 3 teams that have won in that period. His comment...
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    2024 NRL Round 8 - Canberra Raiders vs Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, 4.05pm Sunday 28 April @ GIO Stadium Canberra

    He we go again boys….get ready….we’ve only beat one team in the current top 8!
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    Game on NOW Thread

    I think that some may have perceived that he made some anti sharks comments in the past some years ago. Can't remember what about, but there was definitely backlash against him on here. I personally never saw it that way
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    Game on NOW Thread

    I know he's hated by many on here, but Vossy is definitely the most entertaining commentator on Fox
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    Match 2024 NRL Round 4 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Canberra Raiders, 6:15pm Sunday 31 March @ PointsBet Stadium

    Hopefully we can contain their forwards. Canberra are known for their huge pack. We look very light this week.
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    Official Braden Hamlin-Uele

    BHU is one of those players who takes about 8 weeks to get back to his best after every injury. He's good when he gets there though. Nicho could probably miss 3 months and first game back he's firing with out missing a beat. A confidence thing I guess.
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    Official 2024 NRL General Discussion (no rumours)

    Don't doubt his deeds with helping out the indigenous etc HB, and of course that's very respectable and good, just think he sours much of that for me through all the other stuff....oh well none of us are perfect I guess....but Latrell just shut up and play good Footy. Maybe the Coach needs to...
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    Official 2024 NRL General Discussion (no rumours)

    Have never liked Mitchell. The guy is grubby and thinks he is bigger than the game. He is way overrated. Yeah, sure he has done some spectacular things, but he is not a great player in my book because he is way too inconsistent and goes missing. I really wish he would get 12 weeks just to...
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    Official Braydon Trindall

    Not to bad a game from Trindall. Plenty of worse defensive halves in the comp, that's for sure
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    Official Dale Finucane

    Very solid game for us tonight for his 250th. Well played Dale!
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    Official Tuku Hau Tapuha

    Good to see some real depth in our forward pack
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    Official Thomas Hazelton

    Week after week this guy is consistently good
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    Official Tuku Hau Tapuha

    Hopefully we can hold on to him. Looks very promising
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    Official Tuku Hau Tapuha

    Nikora won't be missed too much as long as Teig keeps running those good lines
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    Match 2024 NRL Round 2 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 6pm Friday 15 March @ PointsBet Stadium

    Yep. That will be the next accusation for sure. We need the Warriors to win by a few points this week to stop that rot😀
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    Official Tuku Hau Tapuha

    May get another run next week if Nikora and Uele are out