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  1. BUZ

    Well Done!!!

    BUZWorks in mysterious ways.
  2. BUZ

    Can he or Carney

    I hope not. The gronks can do the bossa nova drag.
  3. BUZ

    Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

    Apologies - Let me 'Aussie it down' One for all, all for one It's actually a motto more than anything else, and the fuddlyduds like their motto's in Latin. Ain't that the biz!
  4. BUZ

    Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

    Been good, Willy. How's about yrself?
  5. BUZ

    Notice: Official Threads

    Yr a good learner when you want to be ;).
  6. BUZ

    Notice: Official Threads

    You're **** out of luck, Digits. Rather than make stuff up and pass it off as fact, wouldn't it be heaps easier of you to simply ask me what I think about you? I don't know why you would care what a nameless, faceless, wanker like me cares about you, but if you're interested, I don't believe...
  7. BUZ

    Notice: Official Threads

    Incorrect. It unequivocally states that Digit's conclusion is incorrect. Digit's don't know squat about whether I like him or not. Again, incorrect. hth
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    Notice: Official Threads

  9. BUZ

    Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

    Perhaps. One of my kids noticed the Haka one day and started their own version: 'Cu-cumber cu-cumber cap-si-cum'. I morphed it in to 'Unus pro omnibus, omnibus pro uno', and it is not uncommon to see me and my brood trailing eachother in public repeating this chant accompanied with...
  10. BUZ

    Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

    I don't need you to highlight my large penis. Gracias por lo complemento ;)
  11. BUZ

    Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

    That's all I've got to give.
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    Post Count and User Reputation Display

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    Notice: Official Threads

    Are you guys still fighting that losing battle lol
  14. BUZ


    Filthy after a shattering last minute loss to Manly - Source: The Daily Telegraph
  15. BUZ

    Mat Wright Scores

    Matthew Wright dives over in the the round five NRL match against Manly. - Source: Getty Images
  16. BUZ

    Kade Snowden

  17. BUZ

    Jeremy Smith Scores

    Jeremy Smith scores the Sharks' first try of their NRL clash against the NZ Warriors in Taupo. - Photo: DONNA WALSH/Waikato Times
  18. BUZ

    Sharkies Leagues Club

  19. BUZ

    Gallen Showing The Way

    - Showing the way ... Paul Gallen takes the ball into the heart of the Panthers defensive line. Source: News Limited
  20. BUZ

    Tradies Proposal Rejected

    - Source: The Daily Telegraph