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  1. jonezy79

    sharks trial vs bunnies

    not long now , i dont know about anyone else but im itchin to get to a game , so the sharks first trial is looming , whos going and does anyone know if their is going to be a sharks bay this year, i have a few signs this year and need a hand to hold em up if anyone is keen .
  2. jonezy79

    A victory beer sharks or dragons

    youd give your right arm and a leg, youd climb back on the wagon, just to see, one more great stoush, when the shark confronts the dragon. yes, this weekend its time again when footys greatest foes, have a head on smash when they both clash , it keeps them on their toes. but can you pick wholl...
  3. jonezy79

    Highlights Of '07 - Our View

    well its the last day of the year and i have been going over in my head the highlights of my footy season and a few things come to mind . the closeness of all nullas game we werent flogged all year which if we can improve on keeping leads and pot over a few more field goal to gain seven point...
  4. jonezy79

    Signs For '08

    just wondering who has ideas for signs? who has signs and what do they say? i have simmos zone and hit ups $11 a gallen which will be re made for season 08. any ideas people