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  1. GF78

    Match 2024 NRL Round 11 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters, MAGIC ROUND, Saturday 18 May 5:30pm at Suncorp Stadium

    When it comes to Trindall I think of Monty Python, "He's not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy." He was in court last year for driving unlicensed , due back this Friday for next level misdemeanor's. Why would he change his spots if he is welcomed back to the fold after 28 days? Cruel to be...
  2. GF78

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Signings/Transfers ONLY!!!!

    He will find somebody to blame: it's never a dip shits fault.
  3. GF78

    Official William Kennedy

    nice touch for noodles try.
  4. GF78

    Official Braydon Trindall

    Agree with this. Atkinson seems to have a rare X factor, Tricky just seems more lake an honest defense orientated Tradesmen like half. I sence Atkinson / Hynes gives the opposition defence more headaches than Hynes / Trindall. Early doors but Atkinson played like Jimmy Maloney last night -...
  5. GF78

    Official Tuku Hau Tapuha

    Great to see the big man run that power play & score.
  6. GF78

    Official Royce Hunt

    That’s the fella I was waiting to see - strong.
  7. GF78

    Official Daniel Atkinson

    This bloke came back from the disappointment of falling out of the Melbourne’s system & goes back to work as a chippie on the Gold Coast - speaks volumes to his mental strength. Good luck to him - what ever he achieves he seems to have earnt it the hard way.
  8. GF78

    Official Daniel Atkinson

    I thought the opposite- seemed to hit it as sweet as Trindall- which made his 3rd start even more impressive
  9. GF78

    Official Daniel Atkinson

    Hasn’t he got a boot on him. Atkinson matched Melbournes kick meters - 529m to 545m - no mean feat.
  10. GF78

    3-2-1 3-2-1 NRL vs Melbourne (Round 10, 2024)

    3 Atkinson- The true sign of an impact player is that they immedately stamp their mark. third start! 2 Brailey#Stepped up to leadership role. 1 McInnes
  11. GF78

    Official 2024 State of Origin

    How the worms turned. I recal when he was left out of the side because he was not a team player - I think that was call from Loz back in the day - kudos.
  12. GF78

    Match 2024 NRL Round 10 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Melbourne Storm, 7.35pm Saturday 11 May @ AAMI PARK

    I agree Hynes overplayed his hand badly in the equivalent game last year, Sharks lost all structure when Nicho was playing for his New South Wales spot, he is a year older & hopefully wiser.
  13. GF78

    Game Plans against the Big Guns

    Many suttle differences from the 2023 side. The big differentiation is arguably the size of the Sharks pack and bench. No more opposition packs rolling up field with ease, putting our halves under constant pressure via poor field position. It was a constant when playing the top 4 teams through...
  14. GF78

    Game Plans against the Big Guns

    Great post. I hope your last sentence proves to be right over the next 4 weeks. If all teams are at full strength, I fear there is still a gap of varying degrees between Sharks and Penrith / Storm / Broncs / Roosters.
  15. GF78

    Official 2024 State of Origin

    Scary good side….
  16. GF78

    Official Royce Hunt

    I get the feeling Hunt is going to make a large contribution to the Sharks fortunes at some stage before this season is done.
  17. GF78

    Official Kayal Iro

    Looks a first grader through & through- good to see. Running the ball strongly as expected, he also seems to be making good defensive decisions.