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    Jobs of Sharks Forever people

    Junior talent scout for player management company, studying windows server administration.
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    id crack up watching some of the arm chair players taken down a peg by panel with a grumpy ex player on it like the shocking singers in australian idle, id also like watching the transformation with the help they havent been able to receive in their prime of an old small town pub player getting...
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    i usually get pissed with mates and go on about it but never tried to do anything about it. maybe someone else can i havent seen or heard anything about it tbh
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    I don`t know if this has ever been brought up but for years ive always had this thought of a reality rugby league show. Basically every off season a bunch of guys are selected to go through a trial and the winner gets an nrl contract with a club for a year.I know soccer have done this and i...
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    NRL Round 25, 2011: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Cowboys, 7:30pm Sat 27 Aug @ Dairy Farmers Stadium

    Cowboys: 1 Matthew Bowen 2 Ashley Graham 3 Brent Tate 3 4 Willie Tonga 5 Kalifa Faifai Loa 6 Ray Thompson 7 Johnathan Thurston (c) 8 Matthew Scott (c) 9 Aaron Payne 10 James Tamou 11 Gavin Cooper 12 Glenn Hall 13 Dallas Johnson 14 James Segeyaro 15 Tariq...
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    NRL Round 22, 2011: Sharks v Titans at Toyota Stadium, Sat, Aug 6, 7.30pm

    who would we all pick in the 17 ?
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    Official Wade Graham

    seriously graham over smith or toops in the starting team.
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    dont forget 1 wrestling coach 2 halves coach (where is barrett) 3 kicking coach 4 defensive coach 99% of all teams have these on a regular basis but we are not financially capable,so hats of to flanno for doing with out. you can only deal with...
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    which nob unsourced me on my vave comment a few pages back, how can you unsource someone when you haven`t ask for one.that is the problem with d*** heads,"yougoogillists" thats your name too busy hitting up google to find out info when i get it from the horses mouths,google never lies does it...
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    :good: agree in part,i do hope that if we didnt want him that he should of been given the heads up first.
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    not a big drama imo,i think we showed great faith as a club when he was in a bother now that he seems to be a ok he has or will according to rumour move on and play nsw cup as a doggie because he is no where near fg material.such is life and i don`t give a rats.what i do care about is where we...
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    What Will Our Team Look Like At Origin Time?

    What Will Our Team Look Like At Origin Time? any guesses