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  1. Spanner shark

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Maybe Nicho doesn't have the right hand side second rower centre and winger running lines.Defence is all over them. If they did that might just open a few holes up
  2. Spanner shark

    Official Nicho Hynes

    I think all the other teams will target Nicho with large forwards to wear him out. We all know that fatigue creates wrong decisions. Maybe we just need to hit the big forwards with everything we have and swap the halves to each side of the field through the game.
  3. Spanner shark

    Match 2024 NRL Round 1 New Zealand Warriors v Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 7:50 pm Friday 8 March @ Go Media Stadium, Auckland

    Just a question. If one of props jumps in the air and someone tackles him the air do we get a penalty with the new rules
  4. Spanner shark

    Official Mens' Room

    I am not looking for sympathy or empathy. My wife has been diagnosed with deep alzheimers disease at 67 years old. She doesn't know who I am, thinks I am trying to take her money,house,car and our children aren't mine. My sons took her down to the Central Coast and visit her daily. After 8 days...
  5. Spanner shark

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Doesn't need to wear the Blues colours. He will wear the Green and Gold instead.
  6. Spanner shark

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Well written and shows that we are moulding into a solid team. The top 8 will continue to change while we have 17 teams. Numerous byes doesn't help with continuity. I honestly think we may have new faces popping up next year and still stay under cap. As Meat from the Wanderers movie would say "...
  7. Spanner shark

    2023 NRL General Discussion

    Just a dumb question. If Peptides are a performance enhancing drug. Does a needle to get a player back on the field fall in to that category?
  8. Spanner shark

    Official Matt Moylan

    Obviously he goes back to whipping boy.
  9. Spanner shark

    2023 NRL Round 26 Newcastle Knights v Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, 4:05PM Sunday 27th August @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    It was a few years ago that we put a cricket score against them. Be nice to see that again. You all know how I feel about Moylan so I would take a one point win.
  10. Spanner shark

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Mate you could pick your teeth with mine so you can count me out of your record
  11. Spanner shark

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Your the expert. Tell us what it taste like after years all of experience HB
  12. Spanner shark

    Official Matt Moylan

    If he was on fire I still wouldn't urinate on the piano player. He is crap and will lose our last games if he is in the side. Let the condoms have him
  13. Spanner shark

    Official Kade Dykes

    You must use them, you confident.
  14. Spanner shark

    Official Nicho Hynes

    It's a myth just like you cockroach.
  15. Spanner shark

    Official William Kennedy

    I am old but I think played well in the number 1 at the storm granted they had a good pack
  16. Spanner shark

    2023 NRL Round 22 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks v South Sydney Rabbitohs 7:35pm Saturday 5th August @ Optus Stadium, Perth

    Gumby is a great name for you.People were talking a massive result last which didn't happen
  17. Spanner shark

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Except for the front row was a good team and **** reserves. I hear we have changes wait grasshoppers. The team will be better
  18. Spanner shark

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Penrith had heaps of possesion in the red zone all game compared to us and the props returning had butter fingers. I agree overall shuffle of a team doesn't help either. The sharkies played with a tone of guts in defence.