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  1. Megashark

    Official Wade Graham

    No worries, and all the best to your mate.
  2. Megashark

    Official Wade Graham

    Very good signing and hopefully there will be a few more announcements to come. :Yes:
  3. Megashark

    Official Wade Graham

    Very happy if we have Wade Graham's signature, and would also be happy to see Gordon and Tighe in Sharks colours. Not so keen on the talk of Jeremy Smith coming here, nor Orford for that matter.
  4. Megashark

    NSW Cup Round 2, 2010: Cronulla Sharks 18 - Shellharbour Dragons 22 at Ron Costello Oval

    Team list for NSW Cup Rd 2 vs Shellharbour Dragons, Ron Costello Oval, 3PM Sunday 21 March
  5. Megashark

    Scott Porter's Round One Jersey Project

    Terrible news for Scott. Gee he must me a strong person to go ahead and play football in the immediate aftermath, and I thought he had a very solid game as well. Is there a way we at Sharks Forever can send our condolences to Scott and his family, and maybe arrange some flowers? I would be more...
  6. Megashark

    Ice Hockey

    Anyone been watching the ice hockey at the Winter Olympics? How good is it? I love this sport - it has everything; that special blend of skill, speed, power and outright brutality that so few sports outside of rugby league possess, makes for compelling viewing. If only we got to see more NHL on...
  7. Megashark

    Sharks Forever Choice 2010: Hooker

    OK since the Sharks Forever positional selections for 2010 have been such a hit so far, let's move on to one of the key playmaking positions: hooker. We seem to have had a high turnover in players competing for this position in recent seasons; in 2008 we had De Gois and Kingston, last season...
  8. Megashark

    Sharks Forever Choice 2010: Centres

    For the last few seasons the centres have been a bit of a problem area for us but this season we appear somewhat better off depth-wise. I have been giving a bit of thought as to who my preferred centre combination would be for 2010 and I have opted for Collis and Pomeroy. Collis is in my opinion...
  9. Megashark

    Does Anyone Know...

    As to the whereabouts of other forwards from last season? Does anyone know if Selmes, Donnelly or Afamasaga have found new clubs yet? And has Tony Caine officially retired from all footy?
  10. Megashark

    Official Johnny Mannah

    Well said Fitz, and get well soon Jonny. As to the whereabouts of other forwards from last season, does anyone know if Selmes, Donnelly or Afamasaga have found new clubs yet? And has Tony Caine officially retired from all footy?
  11. Megashark

    Elih Baillie

    Does anyone know much about this kid? He is listed in the NRL squad and is apparently a utility back with a rugby union background - he hails from Rockhampton and was a Queensland Reds development player. I think we signed him mid way through last season and he played a few Toyota Cup games -...
  12. Megashark

    2010 Toyota Cup Player Profile Pics

    2010 Toyota Cup player profiles pics are now available on the Action Photographics website: Toyota Cup Fraser Alcock, Ramis Amanoel, Jacob Anlezark, Robert Beardmore, Warrick Carter. Arda Dalcik, Ahmad Elliaz, Joel Finnerty, Scott Gallagher, Peter Gallen. Adam Goode, Joe Grima (Coach), Tyler...
  13. Megashark

    2010 player profiles/photos

    2010 player profiles are now available on the club website: NRL: Trent Barrett, Paul Gallen, Jason Bukuya, Luke Covell, Luke Douglas, Johnny Mannah, Grant Millington, Ben Pomeroy. Kade Snowden, Anthony Tupou, Reece Williams, Blake...
  14. Megashark

    NSW Cup - Cronulla Sharks vs Auckland Vulcans

    I'll be there SAG, hope to catch you at the game.
  15. Megashark

    The Seymour-Barrett combo

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how our new halves combo will go this year, at the start of the post-Noddy era. No doubt there is plenty of ability there, but in my opinion how effective they will be, will come down to whether they can remain relatively injury-free throughout the season and...
  16. Megashark

    Reni Maitua

    New signing Reni Maitua is all concentration during his first training session.
  17. Megashark

    Pleased to meet you

    Fraser Anderson comes face to face with Steve Price of the NZ Warriors.
  18. Megashark

    New boy

    Reni Maitua in pre-season training. Thrown a lifeline by Cronulla after being sacked by the Bulldogs for disciplinary breaches during the off season.
  19. Megashark

    Tupou in training

    Star signing Anthony Tupou hits the training paddock with his new team mates.
  20. Megashark

    Bryson "Banana fingers" Goodwin

    Who's that on his right :p