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  1. creg

    Official NRLW Thread

    While disappointing to not be in a comp, and devo to see Ruan run out in Rorters gear, it’s good to see it’s happening. Some quality footy so far. Week 2, NRL Telstra Premiership Finals Series 2018 Friday, September 14 NRLW: Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos, Allianz Stadium, 5.15pm EST...
  2. creg

    Monty Porter Medal Night

    This is on tonight (thurs 6th Oct). There is a live stream happening which I will post a link to once received it comes through Categories from last year; Monty Porter Medal Player of the Year Tommy Bishop Player’s Player Steve Rogers Rookie of the Year Members Player of the Year Sharks...
  3. creg Team of the Year

    Not a bad showing by the mighty sharkies. Holmes, Graham, Fifita and Lewis.
  4. creg

    Spare ticket this Saturday

    My mate has pulled out this weekend, so I have a spare (free) ticket to the game this Saturday. In the Sharks supporters area, Bay 39. If anyone wants it, feel free to shoot me a PM. I can email you the e-ticket. Unfortunately you'll have to sit next to me and I'll most definitely be drunk...
  5. creg

    Members Presale for finals

    Sorry to make a new thread, but thought this would help other people out too. Can anyone help as to where you find your ticketed members access code for presale tickets to next weeks game? I have no idea what this code is. I assume we just go through ticketek? Or does the sharks website offer...
  6. creg

    Sharks V Parramatta. 1987 on FS1 now

    Miller ET Speachley. Wish we still played like this
  7. creg

    $150,000 fine for salary cap breach

    Bugger "The season from hell just got worse off the field for the Sharks with the club hit with a $150,000 salary cap breach – the most by any NRL club in a raft of fines handed down by the league. The NRL has completed its audit and meted out punishments of $503,407 across seven clubs. The...