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  1. WillyInBris

    What's impressed you about the Club 2015

    Well the title says it all really this is not about individual performances more to do with the club itself and try and elaborate on it a bit if possible. I have to say the two main things have impressed me and that's the use of youth but even more so our conditioning, having guys on the field...
  2. WillyInBris

    The Refs 2013

    Well I thought I would start the thread for 2013 haven't seen one as yet. I haven't watched every game but what are peoples thoughts on it so far honestly I think its the best start to the season so far and I am quite enjoying it. Yes we could talk about that obstruction during the warriors...
  3. WillyInBris

    Caption Time

    Well I thought I would put this up for a bit of fun.
  4. WillyInBris Index page

    Hey guys whats the go for the main page in never gets updated can we help in any way?
  5. WillyInBris

    The latest articles that make me happy

    This is the same as the other thread but Brad does deserve credit as a journalist not many do but he does try at least.
  6. WillyInBris

    Caption Time

    Have been asked by a few for some pics of my boy was going through them and found this one its was taken last Sunday the day after we got whipped. So I thought we would have some fun but please keep it clean otherwise I will set my wife on you lol. Yes that's me Big Willy and and Cooper.
  7. WillyInBris

    Caption Time

    I hope you dont mind Snapper
  8. WillyInBris

    C7 Matty Johns Show

    So I am really happy that channel 7 is starting its own show it will be headed by Matty Johns and Webcke is to be added to the mix its positive for league fans and for us as supporters more choice and that means the footy show on nine will have to pick its act up. Webcke has stated before that...
  9. WillyInBris

    Jonathon Thurston

    After this one quote I don't want this turkey at my club how hard is he really going to play for all the $$ anyway as it seems this is all its about for him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So Thurston has a 1.1mill a year contract offer from Jap Rugby...
  10. WillyInBris

    2010 Captain: Who will it be?

    So guys who should be the 2010 captain we havent really talked about it, lots to think about we have some young guys vying for positions these could push out a couple of incumbents if they get a chance so that needs to be thought about as well. We also need to think about the future past 2010...
  11. WillyInBris

    Ricky Stuart NRL Tactics

    Ok this was on some time ago on Fox so for those that didn't see it I thought I would share. I would also just like to thank MozMurph the person that put this up on YeeToob whoever you are thank you I missed this one. JDpMNw2aLJ0 Lbx-JwfMifQ...
  12. WillyInBris

    Blast From the Past - 1978 - I Wanted to Sue

    This is an old RLW article from August 26th 1978 The heading of the story was "I WANTED TO SUE".....Thanks to Dean Gibson, and Quigs at ERA OF THE BIFF
  13. WillyInBris

    Pre season training 2007

    Pre season training 2007
  14. WillyInBris

    Ferguson Returing The Ball First Tackle

    Ferguson Returing the ball first tackle Read more about Blake here
  15. WillyInBris

    Seymour drunk at Cronulla "The set up of all set ups"

    Seymour drunk at Cronulla "The set up of all set ups". Read more here.
  16. WillyInBris

    Bird Breaking Through Thurston's Tackle - SOO

    Bird Breaking Through Thurstons tackle SOO
  17. WillyInBris

    Seymour and Barrett - Try time

    Seymour Barret Try time Panthers RD 1 Rained like the world was going to end.
  18. WillyInBris

    Jake Anelzark Returns Home

    Former Blayney Junior League player Jake Anelzark was our special guest at King George Oval last Saturday. Injured player Adam Lowe was honoured to interview Jake at half time in the Under 18’s game. Jake is playing for the Cronulla Sharks in Toyota Cup with only a matter of time before we see...
  19. WillyInBris

    Tony Archer No try to Creagh

    Tony Archer disallowing Ben Creagh a try against the Sharks.
  20. WillyInBris

    Kearney busting through a tackle

    Kearney busting through a tackle