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  1. josho

    Your 2022 Sharks Line Up

    1. Hynes 2. Katoa 3. Tracey 4. Ramien 5. Mulitalo 6. Moylan 7. Trindall/Metcalf 8. Finicane 9. Brailey 10. Hamlin-Uele 11. Talaki 12. Graham 13. Rudolph 14. McGuiness 15. Hunt 16. Williams 17. Fifita/Nikora
  2. josho

    Gallen or Ettingshausen

    This is the first time I've created a thread - so if it's not worthy - or I'm doing it wrong then by all means tell me to bugger off. With Gallen's most recent attempt to anoint himself as the greatest player to ever put on a Sharks jersey by belittling ET's playing record I was genuinely...
  3. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I wonder how Noyce is going to assure us all that Fifita's actions "meet the values and standards the club is looking to uphold and take into the future" while Carney's do not.
  4. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I heard something about fifita's injured hand, more so how he did it. Hope it's horse ****
  5. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I wouldn't sweat it, there wasn't really that much media coverage about Fifita's contract situation.
  6. josho

    My latest score

    This is going on eBay, $500. PM if you want it. 108 of 500. Original issue from 1999. Paid $1,500 for it in 2000.
  7. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    ...and they have torn up his contract. Can't say I'm surprised after reading his dumb comments I thought to myself the dogs might use that as an out - having had second thoughts. If we offer him any where near that amount we're ****ed - being the Cronulla Sharks we will probably increase it.
  8. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I've pretty much got everything in rugby league except a premiership and that's all I really want, and to win an Origin series Read more: I've pretty much got...
  9. josho

    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    As of last night he still hadn't signed.
  10. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Hell no - he's a big ****ing girl
  11. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    A media ****storm is about to hit re the board being caught applying peptides to our playing group while taking taking turns in having group sex with Shane Flanagan in a corporate box?? Nah not surprised.
  12. josho

    Official Andrew Fifita

    In all fairness they don't drop around and give him BJ's when he's suspended.
  13. josho

    We need to learn from it: Gallen

    **** off, how many times do they need to blow a game before they "learn from it"? There's only one ****ing side that features in the left column three ****ing times...and that's without the Roosters game they blew. Hell there's only three other teams that have blown it twice this year in the...
  14. josho

    Round 21, 2012 NRL: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs Penrith Panthers @ Toyota Stadium, Saturday 28th July @ Toyota Stadium 07.30pm

    Clearly offside but the gutless ****s should still have won the ****ing game. Weak as ****ing piss
  15. josho

    Future Jersey Designs.

    I've *** around with that site before too, it's pretty cool. I Like your second one as an away jersey. But I dig the current Manly jersey, something similar for us would look good, also has the traditional hoops on the sleeve.
  16. josho

    Seu Seu named on Bench

    Seu Seu, De Gois and Kingston. Three don't go into two. If Seu Seu goes alright against the Tigers it'll be interesting to see if Kingston comes back in when fit. I think Seu Seu's just what we need to help spark our attack. I'd like to see Kingston gone, but he's the only one ut of three of...