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  1. vicsharkfan

    2016 top 3 favotite sharks wins

    Let's all exclude the 3 finals games out of the running, I and I'm sure others would like to know punters favourite wins during the home n away season. My personal favs. 1. Rnd 2- drags.. 1st time my kids got to see sharks win live... 2. Rnd 10. Newy. Most relaxing sharks game in living memory...
  2. vicsharkfan

    2016 Xmas & new year break and well wishes

    Havnt started a thread in ages, with the fat man inside 24 hours love to hear how we are all spending Christmas be it just the day or the whole Xmas new year period. For me I'm taking just the wife n kids down to Phillip island at lunch time today till the new year, been a good bad crazy year...
  3. vicsharkfan


    Thankyou all again past, present and future armed service personal. 100 years it would seem has gone so quick, on the way to dawn service right now, still shudder at the last post every time and think of how scared I'd be if it was me in the trenches. edit Gil
  4. vicsharkfan

    ANZAC DAY 2014

    Heart warming thanks to all of you past, present and future that serve our great country.. LEST WE FORGET.
  5. vicsharkfan

    the boss

    anyone gone to see the boss (spreingstein) yet, going sunday night down here, was always a bucket list thing i wanted to do last 10 years, was he any good dont want to hype it up and im left flat....