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  1. Born&bred

    The Wanker Thread

    I'll kick it off:
  2. Born&bred

    Ricky you legend

    G'day haters
  3. Born&bred

    Official Cronulla Sharks vs Central Coast Bears Round 1, 2018

    Thought I should get this thread started...
  4. Born&bred

    Can we get rid of the video ref?

    I know I'm old, but I'm starting to wish refereeing was like the old days. Let the ref make the call and be done with it. The replay decisions are doing my head in anyway. Thoughts?
  5. Born&bred

    Mako - we're all here for you

    I know this should be posted in a different forum, but one of our mates needs our support. Mako - we're here for you & support you 100% Hang in there mate
  6. Born&bred malware warnings

    Just tried to renew my membership and my antivirus says the sharks site is infected with html:iframe-inf. I can't access the site. Anyone else got this issue?
  7. Born&bred

    NYC Round 7 2011: Sharks 36 - Cowboys 20

    Can't find the NYC thread - but Sharks 24-4 at halftime
  8. Born&bred

    What Else Can We Do As Sharks Supporters?

    Ok - we've collected money for the Elevens, great effort people! We've all sweated on the result of the EGM - Yay Team! We have had a great membership drive & won the Battle of the Beaches - and have improved our membership numbers as a result. We've just had the development approved. Now -...
  9. Born&bred

    Dean Carney - 1985 Top Points Scorer

    There's a good clip of the 85 game where he achieved top point scorer: 3DiHcM2oo-c