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  1. sharkiesboomboomboom

    GF tix

    I might be a bit late here but my code is 1990CRO25642. I believe you can still buy 2 tickets with it. The code has been used twice already, so hopefully it still works.
  2. sharkiesboomboomboom

    GF tix

    Try this link to get your AAN. I just tried it and got an AAN but it was actually different to the one I was emailed.....maybe just ring the club.
  3. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Team Song

    I can't see what's wrong with 'Up Up Cronulla'. Its traditional, everyone knows it, even opposition supporters and I just love it! Just teach the players the proper words to it and all will be good. The enthusiasm seems to drop off on the second bit because they have no idea what the words are...
  4. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Gando guessing comp - A.Fifita total run metres, round 04 Cronulla Sharks v Melbourne Storm Mon 28

    :worthy: If it's not too late I would love them as I've got a different car and have lost my old stickers.
  5. sharkiesboomboomboom

    A Reminder...

    Geeez, all this drama over crap written on a forum? Talk about first world problems.... Yes, everyone should be respectful of differing opinions but if you don't like what someone has written either argue the point with them, ignore it or if it's getting you to the point of anger and complaint...
  6. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Sharks Anthem 2016

    Or, even better: Sharkies! Boom Boom Boom Sharkies! Boom Boom Boom Sharkies! Boom Boom Boom Haha
  7. sharkiesboomboomboom

    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    We had no choice but to use the self inflicted privacy "violation'' as every Tom, Dick (excuse the pun) and Harry had seen the photo and with all the media attention regarding it and the ASADA stuff at the time, we had to take action. They just should've slowed down a tad. As for the 3 mill...
  8. sharkiesboomboomboom

    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    I don't think his privacy being violated is relevant to his case. The Sharks certainly didn't violate his privacy. His case seems to be based on whether or not we followed due process in getting rid. His mate put the photo out there in the public domain. We could hardly ignore it. We should've...
  9. sharkiesboomboomboom

    who from this forum will be at the game this sunday?

    Definitely. Can't wait!
  10. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Feedback - game day experience for home games

    Haha.Yep, I'd love for us to be that loud. Yes, we've had the filthy looks as well and quite often it's from the people who are just there for that game...annoys me even more. We don't swear or anything, just cheer...loudly.
  11. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Feedback - game day experience for home games

    We are definitely too quiet.The only time we make noise is on a Saturday night when everyone (well, a great many) are half pissed. Our little group are noisy but quite often get quizzical looks from the quiet ones around us. I don't see a point in going to the footy if you don't want to hear the...
  12. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Do you like sitting near the opposition fans?

    I don't mind opposition supporters sitting nearby, if and only if, they aren't too smart arsey when winning. I don't mind friendly banter but when they start putting real **** on the Sharks it makes my blood boil. And, if the shoe was on the other foot and I was at an oppositions ground and the...
  13. sharkiesboomboomboom

    ASADA Saga Thread

    Wow! Essendon players found not guilty by AFL.Insufficient evidence.
  14. sharkiesboomboomboom

    Sharks Season Launch - Feedback

    He should've brought my membership pack that went to Yass instead of Taree (couple of years ago) back!