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  1. gando2230

    2023 NRL General Discussion

    Got a good chuckle from the room. Good on him he spoke with passion. Better than the cliché responses.
  2. gando2230

    Official Nicho Hynes

    the sharks played bulldogs won 16-0 and the knights 38-16. he didn’t have his best game v knights and wouldn’t have received points. Not sure about the bulldogs …
  3. gando2230

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Congrats Nicho. A great speech accepting his award. A truly humble dude. A future sharks immortal.
  4. gando2230


    And back to the 2:30pm centre bounce. Instead of nearly falling asleep waiting for the nrl GF.
  5. gando2230

    Game on NOW Thread

    Good to see emotion. Of course he was shattered to lose.
  6. gando2230

    Official Siosifa Talakai

    Not tonight.
  7. gando2230

    Official Nicho Hynes

    If Chad was playing for the sharks and kicked like Nicho tonight this forum would have been in melt down. Nicho kicking game no pressure on drink water.
  8. gando2230

    Official Siosifa Talakai

    Hiku eyes light up like a Christmas tree when he saw he only had talaki to beat.
  9. gando2230

    Qualifying Final 2022 - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs North Queensland Cowboys, Saturday 10 September 7:50pm @ Pointsbet Stadium

    Tried for 30mins to get tickets. Only 1 single tickets in all categories left.
  10. gando2230

    3-2-1 vs Newcastle (Round 25, 2022)

    Nikora Miller BHU
  11. gando2230

    3-2-1 vs Gold Coast (Round 11 2022)

    Miller Brailey Rudolf
  12. gando2230

    Official Wade Graham

    Wouldn’t say blinder. But prefer him playing the middle.
  13. gando2230

    Official Lachie Miller

    Hope he has gone to hard 1st hard. Looks like he is starting to blow.
  14. gando2230

    3-2-1 vs Brisbane (Round 8, 2022)

    Kennedy Rudolf Moylan
  15. gando2230

    Sharks Feeders 2022 (Newtown, Glebe)

    Yeah I think so too.
  16. gando2230

    Sharks Feeders 2022 (Newtown, Glebe)

    The ref is a local High school teacher in the Shire. Great bloke working his way through the ranks. Need more refs in the game than bagging them.
  17. gando2230

    3-2-1 vs Newcastle (Round 4 2022)

    Tolman Talaki Brailey