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  1. scott17

    SOO game one, Pick the score, MOM.

    NSW 20-12 MOM - Farah FTS - Hayne
  2. scott17

    The Next Seven Weeks

    if wallace was in origin or injured id be confident for a good win against the broncos.. titans always seem to play well against us and have a decent record when playing us. who knows which warrriors team will show up as well - same with parramatta... testing times indeed.
  3. scott17

    Black Strip

    they thought they were penrith last night, wade looked quite at home ;) narh in all seriousness the jersey makes no difference. we would have lost in the so called magic hoops jersey that some of you seem to think is the reason for us winning games.
  4. scott17

    Official Wade Graham

    i was mucking around haha... the 'riff has its moments, the only time i used to go there was for aquagolf and when my iphone ****ed up id take it to the apple shop there.. thats about it for the old riff - not the biggest fan though ;)
  5. scott17

    Official Wade Graham

    yeah i am serious. whilst its not the best place on earth i can think of many places worse. they have an aquagolf, puttputt, hooters, cable park and a decent shopping centre.. as i said, not the best place to live but certainly not the worst... just because you may live somewhere better, dont...
  6. scott17

    Official Wade Graham

    if going back home isnt a factor then i dont see why he will go back to penrith, he has a chance to prove himself at cronulla and test himself against the NSW captain and NZ test player in the backrow and really compete and learn. silly move if he leaves. as i said before i really dont think he...
  7. scott17

    Official Wade Graham

    haha come on mate, penrith isnt that bad... haha but i agree, definitely the shire is the more appealing place... but his family all live in the west dont they? tbh its probably all just media hype to get comments and stories etc.
  8. scott17

    Official Wade Graham

    Tbh i dont think money is the thing that is going to be the killing blow, i think its the chance to go back home. Money is a bonus. I think Wade has his head screwed on ok and will keep the faith in the sharkies and reward us for turning him into a future rep player from someone stuggling to...
  9. scott17

    sharks merchandise

    Wait so you're saying my Kobe Bryant lakers singlet, Dallas cowboys snap back and celtics shorts and tribal tattoos aren't cool =( Haha
  10. scott17

    Future Jersey Designs.

    I hope that's true
  11. scott17

    Future Jersey Designs.

    Call to arms and purple one, I rate them! I liked the others too don't get me wrong but those two especially!
  12. scott17

    Future Jersey Designs.

    Those last two you did are awesome, I'd buy them both happily!
  13. scott17

    Brisbane Fans

    Nobody is impressed where you live, so why put others down for where they live? Pfft Waterfront views, you're still a *****wit
  14. scott17

    Monday Night " A Current Affair"

    Who they do*
  15. scott17

    Gals superman shirt design

    Saw that on the Facebook group. Love it and I think it would take off if the club got involved
  16. scott17

    People in the know at the sharks...

  17. scott17

    People in the know at the sharks...

    Because I liked it and I'm sick of waiting for this years.. I said I was considering not I was definitely on the hunt for it.. I'm all for the club making money from that yet , unforunately if there's no jersey they can't exactly make money. I'm hanging on this sponsor coming through with the...
  18. scott17

    People in the know at the sharks...

    I am In need to update my jerseys, contemplating finding the last years jersey somewhere cheap.. But I would prefer the new one, only because I'm a bit odd and have to have the latest version of things lol
  19. scott17

    Maurice Blair charged with assault

    Does that mean we will make a play for him ;) haha In all seriousness when will they learn..