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  1. Vichyssoise

    Official Thomas Hazelton

    Gosford is a long way from Perth and @Western Sharkie forgot his binoculars. ;) Just an early preseason misstep. He's been training the house down, he'll be fit and ready come round 1.
  2. Vichyssoise

    Official 2024 NRL General Discussion

    Billy Smith ridiculous or something that children should be protected from?
  3. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    His boxing career went south very quickly, it seems.
  4. Vichyssoise


    Not much of an American Football fan, although I like following my alma mater's team. This may have been a good game, but even with the luxury of watching a replay and fast forwarding through all the downtime, I could barely reach halftime. Called it quits right there. Happy for all of you guys...
  5. Vichyssoise

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Unlike his older brother his body isn't made of papier-mâché. It certainly helps.
  6. Vichyssoise

    Official Mens Room

    My 3 year old is another Jekyll & Hyde case. A teachers favorite at school and I've seen him play the current one like a fiddle (don't know yet if I should be proud or worried). On the other hand at home he usually turns into the Tasmanian devil. Really wish it was the other way around to be...
  7. Vichyssoise

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Send him an email.
  8. Vichyssoise

    Official Mens Room

    All the best. Stay strong mate. You'll be back around here in time to see us win the premiership. Perfect ending to your little holiday.
  9. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    You really have a mean streak, haven't you?
  10. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Hardly set the world on fire there at Catalan Dragons. But this was your point perhaps.
  11. Vichyssoise

    Official 2024 NRL General Discussion Magnum PI, season 1, Episode 3 China Doll... **** I'm old.
  12. Vichyssoise

    Official GRAND FINAL 2016 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Melbourne Storm, Sunday 2 October 7:15pm @ANZ Stadium

    That Todd Greenberg fellow would have tried once more to relocate us to Perth or was it Adelaide... or maybe the Moon?
  13. Vichyssoise

    Official 2024 NRL General Discussion

    Doubt it. No mention of anyone being **** or a downhill skier. No cabbage anywhere in sight either.
  14. Vichyssoise

    Official Mens Room

    Brave decision, mate. Having a goal, a clear path to achieve it and then a vision of what to do next can only lead to good things. It probably won't be easy, but with this kind of positive outlook there's no reason to believe it won't turn out for the best. Just to be sure, you're not Toby...
  15. Vichyssoise

    Official Addin Fonua-Blake

    Good signing. In line with what our team needs... now. He's a Warrior for another season though, unless the club pulls a miracle. Forgive me, but I'll get excited next off-season, especially if he plays in 24 as well as he did in 23.
  16. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Easy to get lost with these three letter acronyms... JWH, RCG, AFB, NAS... Hopefully that NFI guy is the mongrel prop we need... ;) deadpan delivery is not easy in a written form.
  17. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Indeed. We obviously don't know the dynamics within the group, but this is the kind of signing that could sow the seeds of discontent. There's a lot of upside to adding AFB to the squad, but whether it's really worth it to the club, all things considered, is not something we're in a position to...
  18. Vichyssoise

    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Or this... the proud Canterbury-Bankstown Shar-pei Dogs
  19. Vichyssoise

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Good ol' Julie. At least she didn't kill anyone.