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  1. El Coconuto

    A Message For Wrist Slitters And Whiteants

    Haven’t posted here for a while, but this seemed like a pretty good thread to drop my 2c on. (And yes, this only my lowly 2c worth…) I think Iron Shark is right in what he is saying, but I do think that what he is describing only accounts for 1-2% of the fan base who have been certifiably over...
  2. El Coconuto

    Your dream team... or not so dream team.

    My All-Time Favourite Sharks: 1. David Peachey 2. Mat Rogers 3. Andrew Ettingshausen 4. Chris McKenna 5. Matthew Rieck 6. Adam Dykes 7. Preston Campbell 8. Martin Lang 9. Dean Treister 10. Luke Douglas 11. Greg Bird 12. Wade Graham 13. Paul Gallen 14. Jason Stevens 15. Fraser Anderson 16. Paul...
  3. El Coconuto

    AGM Thursday 20 March 2014

    Thanks for the update, SF. Was very interested in hearing (reading) how it went from all the way down here in Melbourne.
  4. El Coconuto

    Official Wade Graham

    So glad to be able to say "called it" a long, long time ago. Long-term successor to Gal.
  5. El Coconuto

    Sharks 50th Season

    Couldn't agree with this more!
  6. El Coconuto

    2013 Lineup Thread

    Wade Graham is an eighty minute player. Surely a team that is serious about making a deep Finals run figures out a way to get an eighty minute player on the field for eighty minutes. Like I said when he first arrived, I think Wade is destined to be the best Lock in the game. That said, awfully...
  7. El Coconuto

    2012 Membership QUESTIONS

    This might also be worth me posting from the Sharks Facebook...
  8. El Coconuto

    Football (Soccer) In The Shire. Who else is keen?

    Hi peeps, Really looking to get involved with the local soccer league in the Shire. I played about five years ago for the Kellyville Colts and would really like to get involved again. At the moment I am tossing up between the Cronulla Seagulls and the Cronulla Stingrays. Does anyone have any...
  9. El Coconuto

    2012 Membership Survey and Feedback

    Hi all, As we approach Christmas, we would like to take feedback on your feelings towards the 2012 Membership Program to date. We have received a very positive response to the Program thus far. The key figures we have looked to improve on are returning favorable results to the Club. The general...
  10. El Coconuto

    Sharks Found Around The World

    Ripper of a thread idea fitz! Be cool if someone could pull a world map and we cross it off with a Sharks logo over each place we cover or something? By the way, I'll cover the beautiful Thailand with my Evolution Of Man nominee.
  11. El Coconuto

    Player Appearances

    Just a friendly heads up for those that live in the Shire that today is your first chance to get up close and personal with our new recruits and any other player you have yet to meet with the boys spreading themselves out this morning at McDonalds restaurants all around the Shire. This is the...
  12. El Coconuto

    Forum upgrade

    I think the implementation is still occurring. A few tweaks here and there and I think people will enjoy this look a lot more than the previous. Thanks again for providing a space for us to yarn.
  13. El Coconuto

    what would be your top 17 next year

    The team that I think could make a deep run... 1. Gardner 2. Williams 3. Wright 4. Bukuya 5. Mills 6. Carney 7. Kelly 8. Ross 9. De Gois (80 minutes) 10. Gibbs 11. Smith 12. Gallen (c) 13. Graham 14. Tupou 15. Fifita 16. Tagataese 17. Green
  14. El Coconuto

    The latest articles that make me mad!

    Thanks for the heads up SF. Won't bother buying the book now.
  15. El Coconuto

    Who should partner Carney in the halves?

    Andrew Johns, Trent Barrett and Brad Fittler have all said in recent history that there is little difference between 6/7 these days, hence why they're referred to as the "halves". Good luck to all men vying for a spot next to Todd.
  16. El Coconuto

    Should we sign Carney or not? Yes or No?

    Carney is just walking out of a "big club" situation and I highly doubt he would walk straight into another one; particularly one that is known to right a tight ship and is reportedly in some serious financial predicaments. I'd say if we miss out on Carney, it won't be because he went to the...
  17. El Coconuto

    Press Conference for an announcement (Gallen for life)

    Absolutely. And you were bang on! Must be the CSBC genes! :cheers
  18. El Coconuto

    Press Conference for an announcement (Gallen for life)

    I don't think the reality of the signing will set in for a while, but it is a MASSIVE step forward in the future of the Club to tie up Gal. When you consider the fact that; 1. The Property Development is still yet to be entirely approved. 2. A new salary cap system is just around the corner...