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  1. Parko

    2015 Memberships

    I'm not renewing. The inconsistency of the scheduling has gotten out of hand. I only managed to get to 3 or 4 games this year. Not at all worth my money, and I had two seats. For perspective's sake, I've been to more Sydney FC games this year than Sharks games, and it's not out of preference.
  2. Parko

    Your jersey design

    Is that a sleeve sponsor too???
  3. Parko

    Your jersey design

    I don't like that, why couldn't they just replace the black stripes with pink? I guess it's a good money spinner though...
  4. Parko

    Comical news!!!

    BREAKING: Sharks Forever mods don't have a sense of humour.
  5. Parko

    Comical news!!!

    MC Hammerhead was stood down too, I always thought he had too much energy...
  6. Parko

    Do you have a soft spot for another team?

    Miami Dolphins New York Mets Aston Villa FC Sydney Blue Sox Sydney FC Cronulla Sutherland Baseball Club Bayern Munich FC
  7. Parko

    Do you have a soft spot for another team?

    Newtown Jets.
  8. Parko

    Jessica Mauboy will replace Bon Jovi for the 2013 Season

    im looking to seeing the shark specific version they generally make to play only at home games. whenever i see it being played on the big screen, i always get goosebumps.
  9. Parko

    cronulla sharks v dragons rd 4 2008

    i remember that game, and bryson goodwin's miracle try. i think it was well documented on this forum my dissatisfaction that we didnt keep him. are there video highlights of the other match they played in 2008? i've got a few stories about that one hahaha!!
  10. Parko

    Luke Covell Tries Compilation

    Missing the miracle try against the cowboys in the last round of 2008. Sheer brilliance!
  11. Parko

    current sharks odds

    is that even possible? its a given that you have to make the 8 to win the grand final, i'd think the bookies would be smart enough to cater for that...
  12. Parko

    Merch Ideas/Question to those in the know

    Doesn't the league own the logos and the colors?
  13. Parko

    11 home games in 2013?

    I'm so sick of the league scheduling the Sharks to play the bulldogs at Gosford. I thought the monday experiment of 2011 was a success!?
  14. Parko

    Dally M's

    michael gordon signed with us this year, he should get the award
  15. Parko

    Finals week 1

    KB Excelsior (with a few tacos) Beredsford Cricketers arms
  16. Parko

    'I sense it's a big weekend for Hisense' -

    I don't understand the point of that article
  17. Parko

    Ideas for membership 2013

    I just think that instead of using gimmicks to attract members, we would take pages out of some of the biggest sporting clubs in the world. I dont see the Marylebone Cricket Club resorting to throwing in backpacks to keep members.
  18. Parko

    Ideas for membership 2013

    I'm all for that, that is truely fantastic, but the concern is those who give over there money, expect something spectacular in return, and have no regard for actually being a member of this great club.
  19. Parko

    Ideas for membership 2013

    The number of members doesnt matter. DI mentioned it at the CSSC launch this year, what matters most is the total revenue we receive. Being a member of the club is the pinnacle. You can just as easily go out and sell supporters packs or jerseys or anything else with a sharks logo across it and...