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    Official Wade Graham

    Blix you may be right with what you say but , he is all we have after all he is way better than Smith , Porter , or Kelly . If not lets play GAL at half he thinks he is a front rower , back rower , half and five eight anyway Sorry mate i am :drunk and as i said he [graham] is our best option
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    Official Wade Graham

    I thought he went good in a side that struggled with injuries . He will be good for us i hope we play him at half next year .As for 5/8 i have no idea :drunk
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    Cronulla to contest NSW Cup

    I was told on the weekend that Cronulla NSW cup is now playing in cabra colours and also playing and training there .Can somebody find out if this is true please ?
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    Last nights presentions who got what ?

    Last night we had the presso does anybody know who got what award ? best back ,forward ,best everything, rookie :drunk what ever i would love to know . Still pissed and upset how the season finished sorry
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    Our side will be , 1. Kearney 2. Misi 3. Pom 4. Simmo 5. Covell 6. Seymour 7.Noddy 8. Ross 9. De Gois 10. Dougy 11. Gallen 12. Fraser 13. Bird Thinking Sticky wont make any changes this close to the finals unless somebody really stuffs up or injuries. So please everybody dont change this side...
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    Official Grant Millington

    Millo gets his chance today hope he gives it to them.So a lot of people have got their wish to leave stevenson out of the side.
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    Cobras Win

    Sorry didnt go to the game i just found out the score 18/16 .If somebody went please let me know who went well :cheers
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    Is Buderis Off To Eels

    Lastest rumour is he has asked for a release and is set to join the eels:confused: If this is correct they can say bye bye to hayne and inu