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    English Super League .......results ???

    Morning Sharkies far and wide Nsh here back again after ups and downs etc I am hopefully back here far more often now things are sorted ,big question is do you still want me to give you a weekly update on scores for Super League and challenge cupgames over here (season starts again mid March )...
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    Im BACK ,,,back , back

    Evening folks been away a while and a bits changed hasnt it eh ,,,,,,,,anyway hope u pleased to see this big ugly Pom back , if theres an adim viewing is it possible to change my username only i had that when i joined in 2012 when lived in wales and watched Sth Wales Scorpions , no such team now...
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    Morning all , dunno this is right place to do this but here goes , if any admin read this i need help , for the last week been trying to access my bit of the "Other Leagues" forum to update scores from the Super League , but cant get in , all that comes on is an error message , can someone help...
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    2017 World Club Challenge

    GOT TO SEE MY BELOVED SHARKIES LIVE IN THE FLESH went to Captains run Saturday got shirt signed by the lads had pic with Maloney and then with Townshend met few Aussies from FB few from FB Cronulla in Europe page ,,,stayed the night in Wigan then went to game sat in UK Shark Tank ok we...
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    Evenin Jman im a Sharks fan in Staffs going to game like you hate wigan being a Saints fan lol but dont hold that against me lol ...are u on facebook at all ??
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    Morning (well it is here lol ) Ive seen cpl of posts from Sharkies on FB that are interested in comin over for WCC but havent seen anything about tickets ,,,,Tickets will be on sale from Wigan via phone and online (i believe) but def on sale Monday morning at 9 am our time which i believe is 8pm...
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    Mornin all (well tis over here lol) just a quick quest i hope an admin could help me with being as i havent attended a Scorpions game for prob 4 yrs now since moving and now going to St Helens games reg am I able to change my name here without losing my history n rep score etc ???? nash
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    V8 on X box 360

    Hope you all ok over there lol just a quick quest is there an Aus game for V8 Supercars and or V8 Utes ...being a big V8 (Erebus) fan over here in UK we dont have such a thing but was hoping that you have one that I could get as i did with Don Bradman Cricket being as our cricket games are ****e...
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    A sad day for the rugby league family in UK and indeed worldwide as Keighley Cougars (Champ 1 Club) player Danny Jones suffered a Cardiac Arrest after 16 mins of todays game at London Skolars and sadly passed away this evening ,,,im sure your with me in saying our thoughts and prayers are with...
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    Pommie Christmas Wishes

    May i take this opportunity to wish all Sharks fans a very Merry Christmas and a Great 2015 from Little Old me over here in UK I hope you still want me to post results etc from Super League etc for the coming season ? so once again Have a Cracker Sharkies and after last year the Only way is UP...
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    Flanno over Ere

    We started discussing this in the "Other League " section I post in but thought id post this ere ..It seems as rumoured that Flanno is indeed going to come over here and do a bit of work with Salford last but one...
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    Could an Admin please message me its about changing my name if poss as i am not in wales anymore and dont go watch Scorpions so would like to change if poss Cheers Nash
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Sharkies from me over ere in UK
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    Do you have a soft spot for another team?

    Played bloody well Saturday evenin mate bloody great game to watch
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    English Super League

    alright folks New Season New Name same old Nash lol u fellas and ladies still want scores and reports from super league this season ??? Looked for old post to do this on but couldnt find it ???