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  1. creg

    2023 NRL Round 27 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Canberra Raiders, 4:05PM Sunday 3 September @ PointsBet Stadium

    Why is that a scrum and not an offside penalty? This has to be one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in a long time.
  2. creg

    2023 NRL Round 27 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs Canberra Raiders, 4:05PM Sunday 3 September @ PointsBet Stadium

    He was offside by a body length. Rule has gone completely out the window
  3. creg

    2023 NRL Round 25 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks v North QLD Cowboys, 7:50pm Thursday 17th August @ Queensland Country Bank Stadium

    ****ing Nikora. Had $20 on Sharks win 13+, sharks up at half time, Ronnie one of first 3 try scorers, and Nikora try scorer…. $700 just missed. Still got a boner though.
  4. creg

    Official 2023 Sharks NRLW

    22-0. Girls smashed it.
  5. creg

    3-2-1 vs Newcastle (Round 12, 2023)

    kennedy Tracey Brailey
  6. creg

    2023 NRL Round 10 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v The Dolphins @ Suncorp Stadium Saturday 6th May @ 5:30pm

    **** me dead. I was balls deep in a Tinder date and I open my phone to this?
  7. creg

    3-2-1 vs Nth QLD (Round 9, 2023)

    BHU Nicho Wilton What a ****ing game
  8. creg

    3-2-1 vs Canterbury (Round 8, 2023)

    3 kennedy 2 nikora 1 brailey Our forward pack were great tonight. And Hunt had some brain farts, but was solid.
  9. creg

    2023 NRL Round 7 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Sydney Roosters @ Pointsbet Stadium Friday 14th April @ 6pm

    Sold Out. Decided yesterday I’d buy the 4 kids and I tickets and do the 7 hour drive up. School holidays and all. Glad I didn’t wait until today. Up Up!
  10. creg

    2023 NRL Round 5 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v New Zealand Warriors @ Pointsbet Stadium Sunday 2nd April @ 4:05pm

    That was the most farcical **** I’ve ever seen. I’d be ****ing ropeable if I was a Warriors supporter.
  11. creg

    3-2-1 vs Dragons (Round 4, 2023)

    My first trip to Jubilee and was not disappointed. What a performance. 3 Nicho 2 kennedy 1 Ronnie
  12. creg

    2023 NRL Round 4 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. St George Illawarra Dragons @ Jubilee Stadium Sunday 26th March @ 6:15pm

    Is there a bay/area that Sharks/away supporters have? Considering going to this game after unexpectedly ending up in Sydney
  13. creg

    2023 NRL Round 3 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canberra Raiders @ GIO Stadium Sunday 19th March @ 6:15pm

    Heading up for this one. My 2 year olds first game. His mum is Raiders so he’s torn between the two, but just loves watching footy. Taking all 4 kids along. 15 minute walk to the stadium from the tourist park. Can’t wait.
  14. creg

    3-2-1 vs Parramatta (Round 2, 2023)

    3 Kennedy 2 Nikora 1 Finucane (slow start, but **** he held on and made an effort) Also a few HMs
  15. creg

    Official 2015 - 2024 Kit Thread

    Heritage jersey arrived today. Very sexy. Didn’t pay attention to the photo where it has a button. Nice. Much better fit than last years, not as tight.
  16. creg

    Membership 2023

    I got an email 2 weeks ago that it has been shipped. But email tracker just sits there saying it’s waiting for the next lodgement….
  17. creg

    Membership 2023

    Well I’ll stop complaining… they have cash refunded me the $8 for the out of stock item I ordered, as well as given me $50 credit for the mber+ items, as well as free shipping for any extra items I order. Sounds like there was a ‘system error’ on the mber+ end.
  18. creg

    Membership 2023

    Just got an email telling me two of the items I chose are no longer in stock. Both were going to be stocking stuffers for the kids but no chance of them arriving anyway. Lol. What a mess. Asked me to chose something else in lieu, but it’s all rubbish. Just noticed they are charging $42 for a...