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    Michael Jennings

    They didn't want him why would he want to go back .. don't want Jennings
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    Jobs of Sharks Forever people

    Chad I thought you were fishing for a potential sponsor .. guess Clive Palmer and Nathan Tinkler aren't on this forum I work for the QLD Govt in IT looking after payroll systems ... yes I was looking after the old Health system that is still fine not the broken one that was in the papers ...
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    Fullback discussions in the wake of the Nathan Gardner knee injury

    For 3 rounds I'd rather Todd at 1 and Wade back at 6 .. Todd can still play 2nd receiver in attack if need be .. Wright is not a fullback but at least he'll run it back hard. Ike is back in Round 10 and is who I'd like to see .. Leave the kid in the U20's he's not developed enough yet. Hotdog...
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    Trainers on the field

    Why do they need a drink from kick-off ? Should be no trainers until first sub or first try .. they are as bad as the runners in AFL .. let the managers / coaches on the sideline like soccer to abuse the players .. massive blight
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    Paul Gallen - Help or Hindrance?

    I think Gal is still playing injured and is no where near ready to go .. I guess a few days in Hospital and breaking a rib or 2 will do that for you. I think Gal plays this way because he put his hand up when no one else did .. it'd be hard to just change a game that internationally recognised...
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    Your Round 1 Team

    Gardner Wright Best Pomeroy Mills Graham Carney Gallen Tagatese Smith Gibbs DeGois Ross Morris / Chad a bolter maybe Fafita Green Taufua
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    An option next year for Centre.....Maybe!!!!

    What about NSW's best winger Uate? Akuila Uate (born 6 October 1987 in Votua, Fiji) (pronounced Akwee-la U-ah-tay)
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    Player Appearances

    good to see the Graham - Carney Partnership start early
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    The Greg-Bird starts new threads thread

    done both mine - all the best to you
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    Team Song

    you mean roll out the barrell has different lyrics? not when I'm singing in
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    Who should partner Carney in the halves?

    well Kelly a no for fullback :gal: I voted Chad ... we need an organiser at 7 .. Wade, AK, and Carney not that sort of player ... plus I think Townsend is the better defender too ... not sure on Robson can't really remember what sort of player he is .. but I don't think defensively that...
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    Should we sign Carney or not? Yes or No?

    Graham needs some defensive work to be a good lock ... I'd take Carney .. I have a theory .. he has 1 good year of behaving and having a positive influence on the scoreboard - then next year he goes off the rails ... so sign him for 1 year with a years option. No one will sign him up now...
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    Coaching Staff next year?

    yeah since we are hiring old props we might get Marty back for a Lang reunion :cheers