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    Official Johnny Mannah

    We're really going to be up the creek next year when it comes to forwards...
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    How Should snowman Eat His Hat?

    With Dane Nielson re-signing with the storm, some of us may want to know. How should snowman prepare his hat? Fried Baked Steamed Sautéd Boiled BBQ'd Deep Fried Stir Fried Raw Baked Dipped In Poo With Squid...
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    Official Wade Graham

    With all the 5/8 chasing going on, what's happening with Albert Kelly?
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    rd 25 team vs dragons

    1.darren albert 2.mitch brown 3.ben pomeroy 4.phil bailey 5.luke covell 6.adam dykes 7.brett kimmorley 8.richard villasanti 9.kevin kingston 10.luke douglas 11.beau scott 12.lance thompson 13.paul gallen 14.james stosic 15.nigel vagana 16.cameron ciraldo 17.brett kearney 18.reece williams
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    rd 24 team

    1. darren albert 2.mitch brown 3.ben pomeroy 4. phil bailey 5. luke covell 6.adam dykes 7. brett kimmorley 8.richard villasanti 9. Kevin Kingston 10. luke douglas 11.reece williams 12. lance thompson 13. paul gallen 14.james Stosic 15.Brett kearney 16.cameron ciraldo 17. beau scott 18. brett kelly
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    What I think next weeks team should be

    1.simmons 2.albert 3.vagana 4.pomeroy/bailey 5.covell 6.kearney 7.dykes/kimmorley 8.stosic 9.kingston 10.douglas 11.williams 12.thompson 13.gallen 14.villasanti 15.maiava (but he needs to fire up)/hilder 16.ciraldo 17.kimmorley/dykes what would you do?
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    rd 22 vs warriors

    1.kearney 2.albert 3.vagana 4.pomeroy 5.covel 6.dykes 7.kimorley 8.stosic 9.kingston 10.douglas 11.williams 12.thompson 13.gallen 14.villasanti 15.hilder 16.ciraldo 17.scott 18.mapp
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    Scott and Caine

    tony caine and beau scott have signed with the dragons. tony caine has signed for 2 yrs and beau scott has signed for 3 yrs
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    Round 17, 2006: Brisbane - Cronulla @ Suncorp Stadium

    1.David SIMMONS 2.Darren ALBERT 3.Nigel VAGANA 4.Beau SCOTT 5.Luke COVELL 6.Adam DYKES 7.Brett KIMMORLEY 8.James STOSIC 9.Kevin KINGSTON 10.Luke DOUGLAS 11.Reece WILLIAMS 12.Lance THOMPSON 13.Greg BIRD 14.Hutch MAIAVA 15.Matt HILDER 16.Ben POMEROY...