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  1. gavin07

    Paul Stephenson?!?

    reading the preview of the sharks v dragons game on interesting to see the line up they had for us: "Sharks: 1. Brett Kearney, 2. Bryson Goodwin, 3. Ben Pomeroy, 4. David Simmons, 5. Luke Covell, 6. Greg Bird, 7. Brett Kimmorley, 8. Adam Peek, 9. Kevin Kingston, 10. Luke Douglas...
  2. gavin07

    The Prowler: For or Against?

    basically im interested to know who thinks this is a cheap shot and who thinks there is a place for it in rugby league? im with ricky and ben ross, who came out today and said rugby league is a contact sport and we shouldnt soften it up. ross said something like "i copped 1000 of them last...
  3. gavin07

    2008 Tipping Comp?

    hey everyone, i havnt been on here for a while but im looking to get back into it in the new season. just wondering if there is a tipping comp going on this year ?
  4. gavin07

    Have We Been Tested Yet?

    after what gallen said after the bulldogs game i didn't think it made much sense, but looking at the table, i think it might. out of the 6 wins we have had this season, 5 of these teams currently sit in the bottom half of the ladder. out of the current top 8, we have played 3 teams and only...
  5. gavin07

    Sorry To Bring Up The "P" Word

    TIME TO BELIEVE Matthew Johns
  6. gavin07

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    i think peter costello and ian thorpe might be aswell.
  7. gavin07

    Sunday Footy Show

    i was watching this on sunday and was interested by the predictions each of the panel members had for the sharks. surprisingly, phil gould picked us the highest at 9th and Andrew Voss had us running 16th. Surely we cannot finish below the panthers or raiders? even the eels, rabbitohs and titans...
  8. gavin07

    If Greg Pierce Goes...

    if we all get our wish and pirce does go, who do you reckon will get his job? any suggestions?
  9. gavin07

    Official David Simmons

    Your thoughts on Simmo this year? at the end of last year to the start of this year there was much said about whether or not he could fill the boots of david peachey. i think he has done a more than capable job, especially during that winning streak, and he deserves more wraps than he gets...