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  1. Gibs

    Official Cameron McInnes

    Generally comes on as part of the prop rotation, 25 - 30 minute mark
  2. Gibs

    Official Cameron McInnes

    Williams has been killing it as a prop off the bench, I wouldn't be moving him to a new position.
  3. Gibs

    Official Nicho Hynes

    As soon as the penalty was given wade was saying take the 2 take the 2, wasn't Nicho's call
  4. Gibs

    Official Connor Tracey

    Tracey would be a perfect 14, can play any position in the backline and takes a hitup like he's in the pack
  5. Gibs

    Official Braden Hamlin-Uele

    44 minutes tonight, played well and got us out of trouble a few times.
  6. Gibs

    Official 2023 Sharks NRLW

    Always hard when you lose Byers, Taylor before the game and Tonegato during. The only tries they scored were during the sin bin period.
  7. Gibs

    Official Thomas Hazelton

    One of the things that got me was him waving off the trainer when he had an issue with his leg. Wanted to stay out there and make sure we held the line.
  8. Gibs

    2023 NRL Round 20 New Zealand Warriors v Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 2:00pm Sunday 16 July @ Go Media Stadium, Auckland NZ

    Fixing Moylan fixes that ledge, its a flow on effect, Teigs forced to defend1.5, which means Talakai is forced to defend 1.5
  9. Gibs

    Official Blayke Brailey

    He had 1 tackle bust to Hogdsons 0, he made 46 tackles and missed 1, Hodgson made 44 tackles and missed 8. He actually ran the ball and was credited with 7 hitups, Hodgson had 0 runs. Brailey made 1 error compared to Hodgson's 2.
  10. Gibs


    I'm not in the Sharks Forever one, but in the Grand Final in one of the Public Leagues and one of the RLO leagues. I should win based on the estimations but I had to do some positional shuffling.
  11. Gibs

    2022 NRL Round 10 (Magic Round) - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs Canberra Raiders @ Suncorp Stadium, Sunday 15th of May 1.50pm

    Such a stupid idea to bring Trindall into the halves and break up Moylan/ Hynes. We have missed Kennedy.
  12. Gibs

    3-2-1 vs Newcastle (Round 4 2022)

    Talakai Kennedy Toleman
  13. Gibs

    Your 2022 Sharks Line Up

    1. Kennedy 2. Katoa 3. Tracey 4. Ramien 5. Ronnie 6. Hynes 7. Trindall 8. Rudolph 9. Brailey 10. Finucane 11. Nikora (if he stays, if not Williams) 12. Graham 13. McInness 14. Metcalf 15. Talakai 16. Williams (If Nikora leaves, Wilton) 17. BHU
  14. Gibs

    Official Luke Metcalf

    Kept the 6, really like this kid.
  15. Gibs

    Official Luke Metcalf

    I think he will be used like Trindall was at the start of Hannay, come in for the last 10 to 15 mins.
  16. Gibs

    Official Braydon Trindall

    Great game from Trindall, looks like he has taken this chance and run with it. He is giving me more and more confidence about next season the more he plays.
  17. Gibs

    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Capewell denied it on instagram, said he wont be signing anywhere until after Origin.
  18. Gibs

    Official Aiden Tolman

    Tolman generally has one of the faster play the balls for the team, according to the stats.