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    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    Haha just thinking about the Warriors in the Prelim Final. Doesn't have Mellor getting snipered though,
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    Surf's Up

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    1982 Penrith v Cronulla Rd 2

    Interesting watching Brohman, you wonder if any of those old moves could ever work today. Good footy to watch
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    Game on NOW Thread

    Roosters tonight are like a different team compared to last week, 16 offloads already compared to 8 last week. We need to learn different game plans for different teams
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    Game on NOW Thread

    Don’t take the two…
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    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Like the former MP:
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    Official 2015 - 2023 Kit Thread

    Bring back Super League jersey as the heritage jersey. Make the Member’s hats more comfortable and change up the design, been the same forever, may as well wear hat from 10 years ago
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    Smoky Spring

    Thanks yeah just some random iPhone shots while wandering around. Difficult not to take a good photo this week, but there's far better photos around :)
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    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    It's 50 years today since the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles won its second premiership title in one of rugby league's most brutal ever matches.
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    Official Blayke Brailey

    I know plenty of people hate Supercoach stats (, but for what it's worth: Rd Opponent Result Blayke Briton 1 STH L 60 46 2 PAR W 64 92 3 CBR L 45 81 4 STG W 49 98 5 NZL L 30 54 7 SYD W 100 84 8 BUL W 65 87 9 NQC W 53 58 10 DOL L 50 66 11...
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    Official Blayke Brailey

    Congrats to him. I would have thought Nikora ahead of him though.
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    Smoky Spring

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