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  1. Gards

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    It's not so much that Gus said it, it's that he picked 2016 to make that comment while ignoring other premiership winners and seasons where the same sort of argument could be reasonably made. If 2016 was a soft comp then so was nearly every other season that a team won the premiership. 2023 is...
  2. Gards

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    I'm still trying to find the 'push' Royce Hunt was guilty of against the Warriors earlier in the year Cost us the game, still does my head in what the ref thought he saw Now in regards to 50/50 calls, they are difficult for a ref to rule or not rule on either way and over the course of a...
  3. Gards

    Rugby Union Thread

    I thought the Rugby Union World Cup had already started weeks ago and then when I found out apparently it hadn't then I thought now it had started but still not LOL oh wait seems it has actually started. Didn't even know what country was hosting, there has been no promotion of it that I've...
  4. Gards

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    Worst Top 4 & Top 8 I can recall in recent times Everyone has been meh except Panthers, Broncs and Warriors and even then they have all had their wobbly moments
  5. Gards

    English Football Discussion (EPL, EFL & Cups)

    There should be fines and docking of comp points for intentional time wasting (like in Test cricket for over rates) Sheffield UTD and the ref were a disgrace, then Sheffield coach and fans complain about the extra injury time added on in second half lol. Anyways Spurs still got it done and...
  6. Gards

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    No one in the main steam media will talk about the soft comp / soft Brissy draw this year, they will just jerk them off Brissy hardly had to leave QLD and there has been only 1 other strong consistent team in Penrith. They got their byes at a good time of year to help them refresh. Typically...
  7. Gards

    Official Matt Moylan

    Damn now they can't win the NRL premiership this season
  8. Gards

    Official Blayke Brailey

    who cares lad, so we got a second chance. We still lost both games knocked out first week twice under JMO too and we all remember what a **** show that era of time was for our club so at least we had some excuses this team doesn't handle the pressure and can't close out games against decent...
  9. Gards

    2023 Team Assessment

    Our forward pack objectively has size - BHU, Hunt, Hazelton, Kaufusi are all units. Rudolf (despite being on light side or at least used to be) gets great go forward when is in form pumping those legs attached to that big arse Then you have the like of Sifa (centre I know) and Williams that are...
  10. Gards

    Official Oregon Kaufusi

    He is a solid player, intensity is his issue. He needs to find it if he ever wants to be more than dependable and accused of being a plodder Hazelton being at the same age as Kaufusi with far less NRL experience shows what a talent Tommy is and how much effort he put in this year for us
  11. Gards

    Official Jack Williams

    Habib was engaged in a different kind of ritual....
  12. Gards

    Official Thomas Hazelton

    So if we had won the game against Roosters we would have been really stretched for NRL quality depth in our forwards/props Who do we think would have come in to take Thommy's spot on the bench? Finau, Bradbury or Tuku? (im not up to date on fitness of these 3 lads btw)
  13. Gards

    Official Matt Moylan

    Not that I think he will but hypothetically if Mozza decided to retire from NRL over the off season does his contract value stay on our cap for 2024 or it comes off it?
  14. Gards

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Ah yes the expert coaching staff and players that got knocked out of the finals in the first week AGAIN Did Ruin Simms vote for Brailz? I don't give a **** if he's a good trainer, he aint insipiring no body and winning games is what maters hack fraud Ramien and Mcinnes **** all over him...
  15. Gards

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Wow would love having a coach come out make statements like that with such conviction and confidence. What a gangster Could argue it puts extra pressure on himself but Flanno knows what he is doing and what he wants. If players don't get onboard with his endeavors for success they will be...
  16. Gards

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Much like the team we follow, i save my best form for the post season
  17. Gards

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Burgo confirmed as Tracey hater Brailey is so smirky and smug for a bloke that had some critical lapses in judgement and execution in our biggest game of the year like it's all a big joke. He throws some seriously **** passes at times for a bloke that's supposed to give supreme service. He's...
  18. Gards

    Official Blayke Brailey

    The forwards had little to do with his 3 stuff ups - they all happened around 10m out from the Roosters line. Forwards had gotten us to the point where our spine is supposed to take over and finish things off. Wants to be a hero, plays like a villain
  19. Gards

    Official Nicho Hynes

    This assumes we don't butcher the try attempt Roosters had been defending pretty well If they win it this year it won't/shouldn't matter A premiership they won't have really been expecting I don't think they will do it though barring a rare Penrith off game on GF day Last game or the game...