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    2004 - Season Preview

    going through that team list. it looks like we had a decent squad there
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    Should we sign Carney or not? Yes or No?

    i am hopin we sign him. he is a risky option but he could provide to be a huge strength for the team
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    Official Wade Graham

    :Yes::Yes::Yes: i agree he is a fantastic player and he is still learning and will only get better as his career goes on. i would love for him to be with us for the rest of his career
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    great news for the club definitely pretty excited to have fafita here next year
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    Official Wade Graham

    couldnt agree more and these inside balls are the easiest things to read
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    Cronulla Sharks in General

    To my fellow sharks fans just wondering if anyone has any information on Cronulla's accounting situation as well as any recent problems with the club to do with this. this purely to do with an assignment that i am doing for accountancy at uni. any info on the development plans would be good as...
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    Official Wade Graham

    thats heaps good cause Nth QLd arent a bad side in the NYC
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    Official Wade Graham

    I reckon if Barrett stays around with the club he will definitely be able to produce a great 5/8 out of him. lets hope we sign a halfback cause smith and porter arent offering us much
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    Official Wade Graham

    he is having a shocker at the moment just hope he will play well for us though
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    thats great news that Mannah is back hope he has a great game so we can see him in first grade soon